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Best Oven Safe Cookware Sets




Having a nice cookware set is always seen as an advantage. Buying a cookware set helps you to save a lot of money as opposed to purchasing individual items.

As you well know, different materials are used to make cookware, but not all types are great for oven use. Cooking with high heat requires you to have cookware that can withstand high temperatures.

So, if you are going to use your oven more often, then you are going to need the best oven safe cookware. The heat in an oven gets up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and you will definitely need a strong material.

The best cookware for oven use should distribute heat evenly to avoid burning food. This article will walk you through the process of buying oven-safe cookware. Besides, I am going to review a few cookware sets that you can use in your oven.

Top 5 Oven Safe Cookware

After researching 15 cookware sets, below are my top 5 picks in this round-up post. You can choose any of these cookware sets depending on your budget and preferences.

1. Cuisinart GreenGourmet 10 Piece Cookware Set

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Cuisinart GG-10 Hard Anodized 10-Piece...
  • SET INCLUDES: 1-quart saucepan with cover, 2.5-quart saucepan with cover,...
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: The cookware’s hard anodized...
  • EXCEPTIONAL DESIGN: PTFE/PFOA-Free nonstick surface for healthy cooking...
Cuisinart is one of the best brands when it comes to cookware sets. It is hard to do a round-up article on cookware sets and fail to mention Cuisinart.

They have different sets for diverse cooking needs and inclinations as well. Based on our research and tests, the GreenGourmet is an excellent option for those who are looking for an oven-friendly cookware set.

Below are some of the attributes you might like about this ten-piece cookware set. One of the things that stands out about the GreenGourmet is the construction and materials used. For instance, it features hard-anodized construction that adds extra durability and stability to the cookware set.

The good thing is that the cookware has an aluminum alloy that is sandwiched between the interior and exterior. With the aluminum layer, the cookware will conduct heat effectively and evenly.

Apart from the materials used, GreenGourmet features a non-stick ceramic coating that is PTFE/PFOA-free. With this coating, you won’t have to worry about food sticking on the surface.

The handles of the GreenGourmet are made using 70% recycled steel and a stay-cool material as well. You will also love the lids as they are designed to fit on the cookware nicely.

The tops are made using a stainless material, and they also come with riveted handles. Once you purchase the ten-piece set, you are going to get a 1 qt. saucepan with cover, 5 qt. saucepan with lid, 3 qt. saute pan with lid, 6 qt. saucepot with lid, 8-inch skillet, and a pasta insert.

2. Cuisinart 621-11 Conical Hard Anodized Cookware Set

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Cuisinart 62I-11 Cookware Set, Black,...
  • Unsurpassed heat distribution - the hard anodized aluminum constriction...
  • Premium non-stick interior - reinforced non-stick cooking surface
  • Steady handling - maintain a steady grip that is always cool and always...

As you can see, Cuisinart has appeared once again, but this time we are going to discuss the 621-11 Conical Hard Anodized cookware set. This particular model is a bit new in the market, but it is doing pretty well.

Most of the people who own this set are raving about its performance and versatility. Let’s jump straight into the attributes of this set.

The Cuisinart 621-11 features hard-anodized aluminum construction that allows heat to spread evenly. You will also note that this set heats up quickly, and this means the cookware won’t have any hot spots.

Besides, it comes with a patterned stainless bonded base that makes it ideal for use on all stovetops. You can use it on induction, halogen, electric, gas, and glass-ceramic cooktops.

What’s more? This fantastic set is oven safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. For the glass lids, they can be used in the oven as long as the temperatures do not exceed 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

I am pretty sure you will love its versatility when it comes to cooking. Another cool feature about this set is the fact that it comes with cool, secure handles.

The handles are professionally riveted to the cookware and the glass lid as well. Unlike some of the cookware sets, the handles on the Cuisinart 621-11 are contoured to your hand.

Besides, they are designed to stay cool on the stovetop. The other feature you might like is the premium non-stick interior.

This oven-safe cookware set comes with a reinforced non-stick cooking surface that allows for healthier cooking and easy cleaning. You don’t have to use a lot of oil or butter when cooking. Besides, you will find that the non-stick surface allows the food to release effortlessly.

3. All-Clad D3 Stainless Cookware Set

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All-Clad D3 3-Ply Stainless Steel...
  • 10-piece set includes 8-inch and 10-inch fry pans, 2-quart and 3-quart...
  • Fast and Even Heat - D3 tri-ply is fully bonded to the rim for professional...
  • Design You Will Love - D3 has a professionally polished stainless steel...
All-Clad is also a popular brand that has been in the market for years. They are good at making high-quality stainless cookware sets.

With the All-Clad D3 10-piece set, you will have an easy time cooking in the oven. This is one of the best premium cookware sets for high heat.

Below are some of the features that make the All-Clad D3 ideal for you. The All-Clad D3 is the ideal cookware set for those who are looking for something they can use in the oven.

The materials used to make this fantastic set allows it to withstand high temperatures of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

It features a 3-ply bonding to facilitate even and quick heat distribution. This explains why the All-Clad D3 is great for simmering, searing, and sautéing.

The fact that this cookware set is made using stainless steel makes it compatible with all cooktops. Besides, the All-Clad D3 is dishwasher safe.

This means you won’t have to hand wash it all the time. In case you have any food stuck in there, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar to clean it out.

If that doesn’t work, you can use a stainless-steel powder cleanser. All-Clad comes with tight-fitting lids that allow you to control the flavor and amount of moisture in your food.

Besides, it is fitted with stay-cool handles on the cookware and lids as well. I am pretty sure you are going to like the polished steel exterior as it has a beautiful shiny look.

4. T-Fal BOO3SC63 Hard Anodized Non-stick Cookware Set

T-fal All In One Hard Anodized Nonstick...
  • Built to perform: A true workhorse in the kitchen, hard anodized aluminum...
  • Heat mastery system: T fal's heat mastery system is a three ingredient...
  • Thermo spot indicator: The ring around the spot turns solid red to show...

This cookware set by T-Fal is a great choice for those who are on a budget. Although it has a low price, T-Fal is designed to be a workhorse in the kitchen.

You won’t be disappointed by its performance and heat retention. If you feel that the other picks are not for you, then you should check out this awesome cookware set by T-Fal.

Below are some of the features that make it stand out among competitors. One of the things that make the T-Fal BOO3SC63 an excellent cookware set is its heat mastery system.

It has a unique combination of sturdy bases, proprietary thermo spot heat indicator, and durable non-stick. With all these features, you can control and master the heat so that you always end up with a delicious meal.

The thermo spot heat indicator is a unique feature that tells you when the pot or pan hits the perfect temperature to start cooking.

The T-Fal BOO3SC63 comes with hard titanium reinforced non-stick. This coat is toxin-free and is scratch-resistant.

At least it can stand up to everyday use, make cooking easier, and facilitate seamless cleaning. This cookware set is designed to be used on all kinds of stovetops except induction.

What’s better? It is oven safe as long as the temperatures do not exceed 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind that the lids are oven-safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Bialetti 10 Piece Nonstick Granito Cookware Set

Bialetti 10 Piece Nonstick Granito...
  • Thick, even heat base for superior cooking results
  • Healthy - use less oil with PFOA free nonstick surface
  • Durable 3-layer granite nonstick interior, metal utensil safe, easy to...

My last pick happens to be the Bialetti 10 Piece Granito cookware set. It is a stylish and quality cookware set that should help you cook delicious meals.

Bialetti is an upcoming brand, but it is doing a pretty good job of making high-quality cookware. Below is a detailed review of the Granito cookware set:

This cookware set is made using ceramic, meaning it offers top-notch heat distribution regardless of the method you are using to cook.

You can cook food quickly, and you won’t have to worry about it burning. The other good thing about Bialetti is that it has a non-stick coat that does not produce any toxic substances. In fact, the coating is a lot healthier than Teflon.

Bialetti is one of the few cookware sets that you can count on to serve you for several years. You just have to handle it carefully, and you will have the chance to practice and improve your cooking skills for a long time.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Oven Safe Cookware

Choosing the best oven-safe cookware is not as easy as most people think. If it is your first time choosing cookware sets, then you should consider the following factors. These factors will help you make an informed decision.


The most important factor is the material used to make the cookware. As you probably know, the material determines whether the pots and pans can be used in an oven.

Go for cookware sets that are made using stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic, aluminum or enamel cast iron. Make sure you check that the material is oven safe. Most materials can withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


The other factor that you should consider is durability. You want to ensure that the cookware you are about to buy can last for a long time.

Cookware that is made using stainless steel might last you for years. Keep in mind that the way you handle and treat your cookware determines how long it will last.


Some material and non-stick coats can react with certain food and emit toxins. You need to ensure that the set you want to buy won’t react with acidic dishes. For instance, aluminum tends to react with acidic dishes. You don’t want your meal to absorb some of these metals because it is not healthy for you.

Dishwasher safe

Although this is not as important as the other factors, some people love cookware sets that can be washed in a dishwasher. You might get some that are dishwasher safe while others are not. The choice you make depends on how you want to maintain your cookware.


The last factor that should influence your purchasing decision is the price. Different brands and sets have different prices. You will notice that the prices vary depending on the number of pieces in a set, the material used, and features as well.

Conclusion on cookware that can go in the oven

Now that you have a list of cookware sets that you can use in an oven, it will be much easier to make an informed decision. Each of the sets I have reviewed will work perfectly, but your budget will obviously determine the best set for your needs.

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