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Can Stainless Steel Go In The Oven?

Home cooked meals are special and it is one of the ways people show love to their loved ones. However, sometimes cooked meals can turn into a night of chaos especially if there are ovens involved. Therefore, it is important to know the type of cookware that should go into the oven and the ones that should not.

To answer your question, yes you can use stainless steel inside the oven. Stainless steel cookware is a favorite of the chefs because it is quite durable and it is easy to clean. Well maintained stainless steel cookware can last for years.

Stainless steel cookware does not react with whatever food you are cooking which means there will be no chemical reaction when it is mixed with acid or heat.

Stainless steel is also able to handle heat properly especially if it has heavy bottoms for example stainless steel pans. These heavy stainless steel pans absorb and distribute heat quickly and evenly; they are also able to maintain high temperatures.

This characteristic comes in very handy especially if one is making foods like one pot pasta dishes or meats. Why stainless steel is better than any other metal is because;

1. They are the Best for your food

As noted earlier, stainless steel does not react with your food which means it will not react with your food as it cooks. However when cooking low and simmering foods using pans with metals like aluminum, cast iron or copper may interfere with acidic ingredients like citrus juices and tomatoes. When such happens, your food might have a metallic taste.

2. They are easy to maintain

Stainless steel pots and pans are easy to clean and maintain. Once the pots are soaked for sometime in case the food is stuck, they are very easy to clean.

Stainless steel is also dishwasher safe. However, if you can avoid using a dishwasher, the better because the dishwashing detergent tends to leave a residue on their surfaces thus making them look dull.

If they are frequently exposed to the harsh dishwashing detergent, they may pit holes on them.

How do you tell if a stainless steel cookware is safe for your oven?

Which material is the overall cookware made of?

Before you can put your stainless steel cookware in the oven, you need to know the different components that make up the pan and if they can withstand the oven’s high temperatures.

These materials include the surface coating as well as its handle. You should also find out if the lid is heat resistant or not if you cover your food when baking.

Are handles of your pans and pots oven proof?

The pans’ handles are the ones that determine whether the pans are oven proof or not. Most handles are made of insulating material like plastic or wood to provide protection when handling the pan or pots.

Sometimes these materials can also be limiting because some tend to melt when used in higher temperatures in the oven. To be on the safer side, always be careful when you are using pans that have insulated handles.

The best handles are silicone insulated handles because they are better at withstanding heat; they are oven proof and they can handle temperatures as high as 330°F to 475°F.

Other handles that are oven proof are rubber handles but sometimes they tend to discolor after continued use in the oven. They however never lose their functionality.

The best handles are metal handles like cast iron and stainless steel ones because they are quite sturdy. They are also able to withstand very high temperatures; you don’t have to worry about them melting.

Are the lids oven- proof?

It is important to know whether the lids are oven proof or not. Some lids like glass lids can tolerate heat up to 400°F. Unfortunately some glass lids have plastic knobs which can melt when the heat gets too high. If you can get your hands on lids with metallic or stainless steel knobs, the better because they are heat resistant

Can the handles be detached?

The best thing about modern stainless steel pans is that the handles can be detached and reattached when need be. Therefore, when shopping, ensure you get stainless steel pans with detachable handles.

Conclusion on Can you put a stainless steel in the oven

To summaries, stainless steel is the best for use in the oven because it is heavy and it holds heat for longer. This ability to hold heat for longer makes it suitable for dishes that need longer cooking time.

The fact that it is non-reactive makes it possible for you to cook a wide range of dishes because they won’t react with the pots or pans. However, do not leave your food in the stainless steel cookware for long because undissolved salt can pit their surfaces and render them useless

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