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Mouse Droppings In the Oven: How to Clean It

A kitchen is an ideal place for mice due to easy access to food, water, and breeding areas. Most of these rodents can damage cooking appliances and render cooked food unsafe for consumption.

Mice tend to carry pathogens that cause diseases. If you are looking to lead a healthy lifestyle then your kitchen needs to be very clean.

Kitchen hygiene starts with cleaning all cooking appliances and utensils. Finding mice droppings in the oven is a common thing and this could be disturbing to many homeowners.

Mouse tends to squeeze and crawling into small openings around the house including the oven in search of food and nesting areas.

So, how do you deal with mouse dropping in the oven? Cleaning mouse poop can be a daunting experience. You can clean the oven using a 10 percent bleaching solution followed by a 70 percent alcohol solution.

But keep in mind cleaning alone won’t help. The stench of mouse dropping is hard to get rid of it. We recommend using spraying products design for removing odor-causing bacteria.

You will be expected to unplug the oven from the power and inspect it thoroughly before cleaning. The inspection helps to find out if the rodent has chewed the wiring and insulating material.

If the oven is saturated with urine and poop then no product can banish the odor. Would you eat a cake baked in that oven? I would recommend a thorough cleaning and disinfecting before baking.

Is It Safe to Use an Oven Touched with Mouse Poop?

Mouse droppings and urine contain pathogens causing human diseases. Therefore, it is not safe to use an oven touched with rat poop without cleaning and disinfecting.

You can use a toilet paper and pick the droppings from the oven. But if the droppings are saturated with urine then you are up to the task.

Get a good quality cleaning detergent and clean the oven thoroughly. Allow the oven to dry out completely and plugin to the power. Switch on for some time and the rays will kill any remains of pathogens. It will now be safe for baking, cooking, and warming food.

How to Clean Mouse Dropping from the Oven

An oven is a complicated kitchen appliance to clean but this depends on the brand. The mouse droppings tend to stink to high heaven especially if saturated with urine.

Here is the process on how to clean it. The first thing is scoping out the droppings then separating the removable parts. This will make it easier to access hidden parts easily when cleaning.

Remember to unplug from power. Boil water and some vinegar. Use the solution to clean the drawers and underneath the surface.

The main aim of the solution is to get rid of the smell and pathogens causing human diseases. If the oven still stinks then start the broil setting for some hours.

Move it to 350 degrees until the smell disappears and remaining pathogens are killed. You can use lavender or rosemary oil in the oven as a fragrant.

Leave the oven for some time and then you are ready to go. Ensure the fans are running smoothing and open kitchen windows to prevent overwhelming fans.

Conclusion on mouse poop in oven

Mice love spending their time in areas where they can easily access food. This is the reason why the kitchen is mostly dominated by rodents.

The chances of getting mouse droppings in the oven are relatively common. Thorough cleaning with a bleaching solution and application alcohol solution will help to get rid of the smell.

The cleaning solution also helps to kill pathogens causing human diseases brought about by mouse droppings and urine.

Lastly, remember to bring on board pest control experts to help get rid of rodents in your house. Or you can set traps in the kitchen to trap these mice. This is the best solution on how to prevent mice droppings in the oven.

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