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Can you cook ground beef in a crock pot?

A Red crock pot with onions and peppers beside it

Yes, you can. However, due to its thin pieces, adequate care should be taken when seasoning and cooking ground beef in a crock-pot. Crockpots, otherwise called slow cookers, have become a necessary addition to the average American kitchen since the 20th century. It was first used by women who worked away from home in the …

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CrockPot Temperatures: How Hot Does a Slow Cooker Get?

crock pot temperature

In this article, I am are going to talk about crock pot temperatures & slow cooker temperatures – how hot do they get? If you have ever used a crock pot, you will know all too well of the benefits of owning one. Not only do you get delicious meals from cooking in a crock pot, …

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Can a Crock Pot Go in the Oven

Can Crock Pot Go in Oven

The crock pot or slow cooker is an invention that has been welcomed in many homes in America and the rest of the world. It offers convenience which wasn’t there before but can a crock pot go in oven? We will tackle this question and more in this article. In short, the crock pot definitely …

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Crock Pot Sizes Guide: How Big do You Need (Explained)

sizes guide of crock pots

Crockpots, also known as slow cookers are an integral part of many kitchens around the world. Food cooked in a slow cooker tends to retain a lot of its flavour when compared to that prepared in a normal pot or pressure cooker. This article is a crockpot size guide to help you choose the best …

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Best Slow Cooker for Bone Broth

good slow cooker for cooking bone broth

      Bone broth tends to be healthy and nutritious to the body. People suffering from the cold flue, stomach issues, and skin conditions are advised to take plenty of bone broth. The versatility of the bone broth is the reason behind its popularity across the world. Therefore, you need to invest in the …

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Can You Leave a Crockpot on Low all Night: Is it Really Safe?

can you leave a crockpot on low

Many people are well informed about eating healthier foods. One of the ways starts with cooking food properly. There is plenty of cooking appliance that many people have invested in them. These appliances perform a great when it comes to cooking. Some of the common cooking appliances are pressure cookers, oven, crockpot and stove among …

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Can Crock Pot go From Fridge to Cooker

using crock pot from fridge

Can a crock pot go from the fridge to cooker? The crock pot is not your conventional cooking device. It depends a lot on a controlled temperature environment and somewhat slow temperature build up to achieve the results that it does. Your crock pot is an amazing invention which not only serves up delicious flavour …

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Can You Boil Water in a Crock Pot

boiling water in a crockpot

Can you boil water in a crock pot? If this is a question you’ve been asking and would like an answer to then you are definitely in the right place. I will tackle this question and more in this article. Technically speaking, you can boil water in a crock pot but it will most likely …

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Can You Put Aluminum Foil in a Crockpot (Is it Really Safe)

aluminum foil in a crock pot

Aluminum foil is one of the go-to items in a lot of kitchens. It is such a versatile material and has so many applications that it is difficult to imagine a kitchen setup without it. Can you put aluminum foil in a crockpot though? This article intends to answer that and more. The quick answer …

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Do You Put Water in a Crock Pot? (Do Slow Cookers Really Need it)

does a slow cooker need water in the base

Do you put water in a crockpot? It’s a question often asked by new and intermediate crockpot users. You would imagine that for one to cook, you definitely need to have water or some form of liquid to do that. When it comes to a crockpot though, it isn’t always that straight forward. The quick …

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How Much Electricity Does a Crockpot Use?

how much electricity does a crock pot use

How much electricity does a crockpot use? If you are going to be running an appliance for hours and in some cases, while you are at work, you definitely need to know how much electricity it consumes. Will is making a significant dent in your power bill or is it negligible? The crock pot offers …

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