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Fixing Your Fridge: Quieting the Knocking Noise

As one of the most pivotal appliances in any modern-day kitchen, a refrigerator not only stores food but also keeps it fresh for extended periods. The constant humming of a refrigerator becomes an everyday soundtrack in our homes, almost turning into background noise that we barely recognize. However, the moment this familiar hum morphs into …

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Placing a Mini Fridge on Carpet: A How-to Guide

Understanding the functionality and requirements of appliances like mini fridges are crucial to their long-term maintenance and optimal performance. One common question people have is whether or not it’s safe and suitable to place a mini fridge on carpet. The answer isn’t as straightforward as it may seem, as various factors must be taken into …

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Is 45 Degrees a Safe Temperature for a Refrigerator? (Explained)

Is 45 Degrees a Safe Temperature for a Refrigerator

When it comes to the temperatures in your home, the fridge is usually one of the last things people think about. But did you know that the temperature of your refrigerator can have a big impact on your food? Here are some things to consider when setting the temperature of your fridge. Is 45 degrees …

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How Long do GE Refrigerators Last? (Lifespan Explained)

How Long do GE Refrigerators Last

How long a refrigerator can last is a common question many people ask and the answer is not easy. There are many factors that come into play when wondering how long a refrigerator can last. In the rest of this guide, I will tell you all you need to know. Keep reading. Are GE Refrigerators …

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Do Refrigerators Need Special Outlets? [Important Read]

Do Refrigerators Need Special Outlets

Is it true that refrigerators need a special outlet? We often hear stories about refrigerators plugged into the same power source as stoves, dryers, and other appliances. It seems to work fine but is it a safe practice? Let’s find out. Do Refrigerators Need Special Outlets? Refrigerators don’t need special outlets. They actually can be …

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Wattage of LG Refrigerator (Explained)

lg fridge watts

Many people are unaware of what to look for when buying a refrigerator. They will generally go with the most popular brand and purchase the biggest refrigerator that can fit in their kitchen. The most common error that people make though is not checking the wattage of the refrigerator. A refrigerator that uses fewer watts …

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wattage of Samsung Refrigerator (Explained)

how many watts does a samsung refrigerator use

When trying to decide which refrigerator is best for your needs, wattage might not be the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, you probably don’t even know what wattage means! But, just as I was in your position some time ago, this will all soon make sense. Keep reading. What is a Wattage …

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How Long Can a Refrigerator Lay on its Back? (Explained!)

transporting a refrigerator on its back

If you’re planning on moving your fridge, you might be wondering how long it can lay on its back. While it’s not recommended to leave it on its back for too long, there are a few things you can do to help prevent any damage. In this article, I am going to go through all …

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Fridge Compressor not Running (Common Causes)

Fridge compressor not running

Your fridge compressor is not running and you don’t know what to do! It’s one of the most common appliances in your kitchen, so it could be a big problem if your fridge is broken. However, it may just be a small fix that you can do yourself. So let’s have a look at why …

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How Long Do Samsung Refrigerators Last (Average Lifespan)

how long do samsung fridges last

Samsung refrigerators are some of the most popular brands on the market, but how long do Samsung refrigerators last? In this article, I am going to be covering all of the relevant details you need to know about the longevity of this excellent brand of refrigerators. How long do Samsung refrigerators last? In short, On …

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Why are Refrigerators so Expensive?

why are refrigerators so expensive

Refrigerators are often among the most expensive household purchases. So why are they so pricey? refrigerator prices vary depending on the size and efficiency of the fridge. Unit prices also range wildly, with more expensive, larger fridges being worth it for families with lots of food items to keep cold. Additionally, refrigerators that require a …

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Can You Plug a Mini Fridge into an Extension Cord?

can you plug a mini fridge into an extension cord

There are several reasons why it would be wise to use an extension cord instead of plugging it into a wall outlet. One reason is that it allows you to adjust the distance between your plug and the appliance. As they can sometimes be quite difficult to access, this makes plugging in much easier, but …

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Do Refrigerators Use Freon?

Many people are extremely frightened of the thought of freon being inside their homes and offices. Some people have even experienced problems with their refrigerators because of exposure to the ancient chemical. The fact is, however, that all modern refrigerators use a chemical called HFC-134a as a coolant. This gas is very similar to Freon, …

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How to Quiet a Noisy Refrigerator Compressor

how to quiet a noisy refrigerator compressor

If you have a noisy refrigerator, you have come to the right place. We will be discussing the most common causes of noisy refrigerator compressors and how to fix them. We will also review some of the best ways to quiet a noisy fridge compressor for good. Why is my fridge compressor so loud? A …

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Is a Noisy Fridge Dangerous?

is a noisy refrigerator dangerous

Your refrigerator is a very sophisticated appliance. It contains a motor that runs the compressor, a condenser, condenser coils, and a fan. All of these parts are necessary to operate your refrigerator efficiently. In order for your refrigerator to run properly, you need to make sure that these parts are working fine. However, if you …

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How Long Does it Take for a Refrigerator to get cold

how long it takes for a fridge to get cold

Many people prefer to buy groceries in bulk due to discounts and also to save time. Most of these groceries are perishable and they need to be stored at the proper temperature. Refrigerators help to bring out the difference by subduing these groceries and food to low temperatures. According to research, low temperatures help to …

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Who Makes Whirlpool Refrigerators?

whirlpool fridge

Who makes Whirlpool appliances or rather the Whirlpool refrigerators? In short, Whirlpool Corporation does, The Whirlpool Corporation is a huge entity and one of the biggest manufacturer of household appliances in the USA and the world. In 2018, Whirlpool had approximately $21 billion annual sales, and they’ve more than 92 000 employees and 65 manufacturing …

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The 9 Most Reliable Refrigerators on the Market

refrigerator brand

Refrigerators are an essential household item it’s the only household appliance that works 24/7, and any malfunction of this device is disastrous. Over the years, the traditional simple top-freezer has gradually evolved to new and fresh designs such as the French Door Refrigerators, Bottom Freezers Refrigerators, Two Door Refrigerators, mini-fridges and more. Fast-forward, refrigerators are …

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What Happens If The Fridge Door is Left Open? Let’s Find Out

opened fridge door

In these busy times, it is now common to forget to close the refrigerator doors. It is understandable that you should worry about what might happen if you leave the fridge door open and you are already a long way from home. In this article, I will do my best to answer the possible things …

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What Pressure Does 134a Run in a Refrigerator?

what pressure does 134a run in a refrigerator

Understanding the running pressure of your refrigerator is an essential thing in handling and maintaining the refrigerant system. When it comes to refrigerant systems, two pressure gauges can either be used, that is low or high pressure. As a low-pressure refrigerant system, the R134a is used in most home refrigerators as it is very effective …

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Is it Worth Replacing a Compressor on a Refrigerator?

fridge compressor replacement

The compressor is a crucial component that enhances the functionality of a refrigerator. It drives the refrigerant liquid throughout the refrigerator coils during the refrigeration cycle. If the compressor stops working, then the whole fridge becomes unfit for storing perishable foods. In most cases, the compressor might get affected due to high or unstable voltage, …

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How to Bypass Start Relay on Refrigerator

bypass start relay on refrigerator

If you know anything about the working of a refrigerator, you understand that the compressor doesn’t work the whole time. Instead, a compressor runs sporadically, meaning it goes on and off during the cooling cycle, maintaining an ideal temperature inside the refrigerator cabinet. Now, given a refrigerator compressor cant run continuously, it requires jump-starting; a …

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Will Unplugging A Fridge Damage It? Here’s What You Need to Know

does turning off the fridge damage it

Most home appliances can be unplugged without any effect on their performance, but this could be different with refrigerators. However, if you plan to be away for more than a month, you may consider unplugging your refrigerator. But is it really bad to turn off the refrigerator for long periods? You must also have heard …

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Can Roaches Live in a Refrigerator: How to Prevent it

can roaches survive in the refrigerator

Roaches are among the most disgusting insects that can invade the places where you store your food. Roaches aren’t only an unsightly, but they also pose serious threats, Roaches can easily contaminate your food with bacteria which is not good news for any human. Wondering whether roaches can really get into your refrigerator? Probably yes, …

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5 Extension Cord for Refrigerator

extension cord for refrigerator

      A refrigerator is one of the kitchen appliances that are quite expensive and highly prone to electrical damages due to a faulty extension cord. There are plenty of refrigerator extension cords in the market and choosing the best extension cord for refrigerator is a daunting experience. The ideal refrigerator cord not only …

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Can Crock Pot go From Fridge to Cooker

using crock pot from fridge

Can a crock pot go from the fridge to cooker? The crock pot is not your conventional cooking device. It depends a lot on a controlled temperature environment and somewhat slow temperature build up to achieve the results that it does. Your crock pot is an amazing invention which not only serves up delicious flavour …

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Samsung vs Whirlpool Refrigerator

whirlpool vs samsung

Samsung or Whirlpool refrigerators, which one is the better brand? We will look into both fridges and see which on is the better purchase for you if you are considering buying one or the other. At the end of the day, it boils down to personal preference but we are going to help your choice …

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How Many Amps Does a Refrigerator Use?

fridge amps

The refrigerator has become a normal part of everyday life so much so that it has become inconceivable to even try and imagine life without it. It has truly become an indispensable part of every household. How many amps does a refrigerator use though? This is a question you may be asking for a host …

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How Many Watts Does a Mini Fridge Use

mini refrigerator wattage

A mini-fridge is a really cool (pun intended) appliance to have. Imagine having a cookout at your house and you don’t have to get into the house to keep the drinks coming. All you have to do is reach into the mini-fridge and pull out an ice-cold drink. Best of all it’s only a step …

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How Long do You Have to Wait to Put Food in a New Refrigerator

food in refrigerator

You have your new fridge, awesome! How long do you have to wait to put food in a new refrigerator? A refrigerator can be a very sensitive piece of household equipment if you don’t understand how it operates. There’s a very real danger o damaging it and attracting some unnecessary repair bills if it’s not …

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Can You Transport a Refrigerator on its Side or Back

safe way to transport a refrigerator

We rarely move refrigerators; once they’re set up in the family kitchen, they remain there until the family chooses to relocate to a new home. But when you do need to move your refrigerator, you should be cautious- after all, no magic formula will make moving a fridge any less painstaking. See, refrigerators are not …

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Fridge vs Refrigerator: Is There a Difference?

comparison between fridge and refrigerator

Most of the people have a basic idea of what a fridge and refrigerator do, but what most can’t seem to answer is the difference between these two appliances. The core similarity of both of these equipment is maintaining a standard temperature, which helps in preserving items. Their differences are, however, are rather uncanny and …

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5 Best Mini Fridges – Quiet and Reliable

top rated mini fridge in 2020

  Mini fridges are the best gift ever offered by modern technology. They are suitable for storing snacks and drinks either in dorm rooms or bedrooms shared by many people. The best mini fridge in 2023 is ideal for keeping away roommates, workmates and pesky kids from reaching your goodies while away. However, there are …

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Are Refrigerator Air Filters Necessary? (Do you need them)

are refrigerators air filters necessary

Modern refrigerators have an ice maker and water dispenser. The two components rely more on water filters to achieve their roles effectively. Hence the reason why water filter has emerged to be an essential component for a refrigerator with an inbuilt water dispenser. Now, what about air filters? Are air filters necessary? Absolutely yes. It …

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Are Refrigerator Water Filters Necessary?

fridge water filter

People living in areas where water purity is a problem should consider using water filters. This is the reason why it is quite essential since it will save you from lots of waterborne diseases. Modern refrigerators tend to have water filters connected to a water dispenser and ice makers. This helps to get rid of …

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How Much Does A Refrigerator Weigh?

how much does a refrigerator weigh

In short, the average weight of a refrigerator is about 200 to 400 pounds. The new modern refrigerators usually weigh about 220 pounds. The most commonly consumed refrigerator tend to weigh between 250 to 350 pounds. Moving from one house to another with the biggest appliances like refrigerators can be a daunting experience ever. Refrigerators are …

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