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Can You Use Oil In an Instant Pot: What You Should Know

Cooking is an art that needs a master of different recipes. A lot of people want kitchen appliances that making their cooking activities to take place faster.

The instant pot is one of the kitchen appliances that is widely being used to cook faster. It performs magic when it comes to cooking certain foods.

The obsession of the instant pot has seen many people coming up with different food recipes. However, not all foods can be cooked in the instant electric pot.

But can you use oil in an instant pot? The rising question that is tossing the mind of people who are obsessed with the appliance. The answer is absolute yes, you can use oil in an instant pot, According to research, the maximum temperature attained by the cooking appliance is about 338°F especially when sautéing.

Therefore, you can add the oil when the temperature is about 350⁰ – 410⁰ F then heat up to 390⁰ – 470°F. Burning food in an instant pot is quite easy and it is advisable to follow the laydown recipes when cooking to achieve your goals when cooking.

Instant electric pot has a high reputation of browning aromatics or meat before cooking. This is the feature that gives it an upper hand over traditional crockpots since the flavor is beyond measure.

Is It Safe To Use Olive Oil In An Instant Pot?

kitchen appliances can also good in several types of food. There are plenty of instant pot brands in the market and it is recommended to choose one with a great reputation.

This will help to avoid issues related to instant pot exploding. The olive oil is typically used in browning or sautéing foods. It can be added to the pot before, during and at the end of cooking.

Therefore, you need to follow the recipes provided when cooking food in the instant pot to get the desired goals. Some foods cannot be cooked in the pot.

Besides that, pomace olive oil is the most recommended since it needs a high temperature to consume. It is the best option for those people fond of frying.

You will be required to use a small amount of oil since it can spread out and this is regarded as suitable for cooking. The prices of olive oil for cooking varies according to the brand. If you are operating on a strict budget then consider the affordable option.

Do You Need Oil To Sauté In Instant Pot?

Yes but in a small amount. You will be expected to ground the beef in a little bit of the oil. Press the sauté function and cook the meat as long as possible.

The normal cooking time should range between six and seven minutes. There are plenty of recipes on how to brown meat in an instant pot.

Therefore, take the time to read through different recipes and pick the one that will suit your preference. The instant pot is a smart sautéing appliance in the modern days.

Can You Use Cooking Spray In Instant Pot?

There are so many kitchen appliances in the market that you can invest money into them. But it is always advisable to get something that is quite affordable and versatile.

Instant pots can in different models and certain unique models have a lid which helps to transform it into an air fryer.

The lid helps to air fry and broil foods easily without the need of buying an extra appliance meant for air frying. The most interesting thing is that these lids are quite easy to wash and maintain.

Besides that, the chances of breaking your bank account are not there at all. According to research, the lid instant pot makes the fries to be crispier and tasted better even without the need for deep frying.

If you are planning to have a healthier diet then consider including instant electric pot into your kitchen. The accessory uses minimal or no cooking oil at all.


The instant pot is an amazing cooking appliance and it does a lot of miracles when it comes to cooking a variety of foodstuffs. The good news is that you can use oil in an instant pot especially when sautéing.

The cooking technique is quite applicable to beef. All in all, grab the instant electric pot manual and learn ways on how to use it with minimal difficulties. Remember to stick to the recipe when cooking the food.

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