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Fixing your Instant Pot Stuck on Preheat

Embraced by many avid cooks worldwide, the Instant Pot is a versatile, valuable tool in the modern kitchen. However, like any complex device that blends cooking art with technological sophistication, it might encounter occasional issues, such as getting stuck on the preheat cycle. The following information sheds light on this common issue, elucidating the Instant …

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Troubleshoot Instant Pot Lid Issues

The modern kitchen boasts a myriad of appliances designed to simplify our culinary ventures, one of which is the celebrated Instant Pot. This versatile gadget has garnered a devoted following, thanks to its promise of swift and delectable meals at the press of a button. However, on rare occasions, users might find themselves facing a …

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Master Instant Pot’s Keep Warm Feature

The Instant Pot has revolutionized home cooking with its multifunctional capabilities, one of which includes the convenient Keep Warm feature. This setting is a culinary game-changer for those looking to serve their meals at the perfect temperature without hovering over the stove. The key to utilizing this function effectively lies in understanding its default temperature …

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Understanding the ‘L’ on Your Instant Pot

In the vast world of home cooking and kitchen gadgets, the Instant Pot stands out as a versatile and highly efficient device, revolutionizing the way we prepare our meals. This guide will take you through the basics of an Instant Pot, breaking down its functionality and how it has become an essential tool in modern …

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Unleash Your Culinary Skills with PRSE Instant Pot

The kitchen is a playground for many, and with the introduction of the PRSE Instant Pot, this playground just got a lot more exciting. Embracing ingenious technology, this tool has revolutionized traditional cooking methods and introduced a new level of comfort and efficiency in preparing a vast array of cuisines. This sophisticated piece of equipment …

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Master the C6L Instant Pot: A Gourmet Guide

A revolution in the world of home cooking, the C6L Instant Pot represents a significant leap in culinary technology. Offering a unique blend of convenience and versatility, the device paves the way for a wide variety of delectable recipes, opening up a universe of gastronomic possibilities. Delving into the intricacies of the C6L Instant Pot, …

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Understanding the C7 Error on Your Instant Pot

The Instant Pot, an incredible kitchen appliance, may sometimes frustrate users with its cryptic error codes, one of which is the C7 error. This introductory section will illuminate what the C7 error means when it flashes on your Instant Pot’s display panel. It is critical to understand the origins of this issue and its potential …

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Electric Pressure Cooker vs Instant pot (Differences Explained)

differences explained

The electric pressure cooker and the instant pot are two popular kitchen appliances that many households use to cook delicious meals easily and quickly. Despite their common appearance, these two cooking tools differ in a few ways; the most important being their features, cost, and ease of use. In this blog, we will explore the …

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Instant Pot Says Burn – What Does It Mean and What to Do About It?

Instant Pot with the digital readout saying "BURN" how to fix it

When your Instant Pot Says Burn and you’re sure you did everything right, it can be scary and frustrating at the same time. Imagine you’re just getting dinner ready for your guests who are about to arrive and suddenly get the instant pot burn message. Or maybe you’re trying to get dinner ready fast for …

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Top 6 Instant Pot Steamer Baskets

metal steamer basket with corn, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower and asparagus steamed vegetables

    Steaming food can help preserve its color, texture, flavor, and fiber. Thus, it’s no wonder that a vast majority of people love their vegetables, potatoes, chicken, and other meals steamed due to their nutritional value and exceptional texture. But to properly and safely steam food in an instant pot, you need a good-quality …

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Can You Boil Water In An Instant Pot? [How to Guide]

how to boil water in an instant po

The real value of an Instant Pot lies in its versatility. This small kitchen gadget is highly pragmatic and can be used to perform a variety of tasks including cooking rice, soups, broths, making a cake, steaming veggies and more. Yes, I understand that you might be skeptical about the performance of an instant pot …

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Instant Pot Vs Rice Cooker: What You Should Know


The rate at which many homes across the world consume rice is increasing rapidly due to the invention of kitchen appliances that can perform their task efficiently and effectively. However, choosing between these appliances tend to be a taunting experience as many people do not want trial and error. Both instant pot and rice cooker …

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Instant Pot 3 Quart vs 6 Quart: Which Size Is Better?

3 Quart vs 6 Quart instant pot

Instant pots are quite popular in the recent days. The number of sold items has skyrocketed the roof of the market share. But there are still some people confused about which model to consider. The reason for the skyrocketing of the kitchen appliance is due to cooking a good number of food recipes and the …

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Instant Pot Vs Crackpot: Which is a Smarter Choice?

crock pot vs instant pot

Many people value simplicity and ease to use kitchen appliances when it comes to cooking. It is the reason why many homes tend to have both an instant pot and crockpot for cooking delicious meals. However, there is plenty of kitchenware in the market but many people prefer either a crockpot or instant pot or …

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Instant Pot Vs Air Fryer: Which is a Perfect Choice?

instant pot vs air fryer

Many people tend to toss their minds on the ocean when it comes to choosing between instant pots and air fryers. The two products are quite new in the market and they perform almost the same function. The most interesting thing about these items is that they can handle different meal recipes when it comes …

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How Long Does Instant Pot Take to Preheat?

How Long Does Instant Pot Take to Preheat

You’ve gotten your Instant Pot and now it’s time to start using all the amazing features you’ve heard so much about. I’ll be the first to admit that the Instant Pot has a cult-like following of users. All you need is to just follow the online forums to see how true this is. For all …

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4 Best Instant Pots – Review

top rated instant pot 2020

  You’ve probably heard the hype surrounding the Instant Pot and would like to know the best Instant Pot in 2023. In this article, I will give you a buyer’s guide to help you decide which Instant Pot is the best bet for you based on your needs. Instant Pot is a brand of electric, …

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Instant Pot Sous Vide: Does it Really Work?

instant pot sous vide

Trust it to the French to come up with fancy ways of cooking food. French cuisine is arguably unparalleled. The sous vide method of cooking is one of the major reasons why. Just in case you are here and don’t know what sous vide, we’ll get to that later but for now, I will let …

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Which Instant Pot has WIFI?

instant pot that has wifi

      Well, who would have thought the day would come when a kitchen pot could connect to Wi-Fi. Well, that day has come apparently and it has come by way of Instant Pot. One of their top range models can connect to Wi-Fi. So which Instant Pot can connect to Wi-Fi? The Instant …

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When to Open Instant Pot: The Safest Time to Do it

when you open an instant pot

One of the most asked questions regarding Instant pots is when to open an instant pot, more precisely, when to open an Instant Pot. There have been many questions regarding just how safe an Instant Pot or any other pressure cooker for that matter, is. These questions arise due to the fact that there have …

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Can You Can in an Instant Pot? (Canning Process Explained)

canning in an instant pot

The Instant Pot is becoming more and more of a must-have kitchen utensil. It is both versatile and efficient. It has managed to replace multiple kitchen utensils and combine them into one super-convenient device. With how versatile it is, can you can in an Instant Pot? To answer it in short, you can food in …

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Can You Leave An Instant Pot On To Keep Warm Overnight?

keeping instant pot on

Safety, speed, and easy cleanup are just a few of the reasons for the rising popularity of these trendy kitchen appliances. Unlike a regular pressure cooker, an Instant Pot is a true multi-cooker that can perform a variety of tasks, including searing, simmering, browning, and sautéing. It can similarly steam delicate foods such as fish, …

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Can You Use Oil In an Instant Pot: What You Should Know

using a cooking oil in an instant pot

Cooking is an art that needs a master of different recipes. A lot of people want kitchen appliances that making their cooking activities to take place faster. The instant pot is one of the kitchen appliances that is widely being used to cook faster. It performs magic when it comes to cooking certain foods. The …

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Instant Pot Timer Not Starting: Counting Down Issue Resolved

solution to instant pot timer that is not counting down and starting

Instant pot plays a vital role in many kitchens across the world. A lot of people use it to cook a variety of complicated recipes. Besides that, it makes the general cleaning of utensils after the meal less painful. This is one of the reasons behind the rising popularity. However, there are instances when an …

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How to Simmer in Instant Pot: The Setting to Use and Full Guide

simmering food in an instant pot

Instant pots have several features that play different functions. The kitchen appliance can be used to cook quite a variety of foods. Instant electric pot cookers can be used to simmer different types of food. The method works at a certain temperature range. According to research, the right temperature range for simmering food in an …

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Instant Pot Pros and Cons

instant pot pros and cons

In this article, we will look at the Instant Pot pros and cons as a way of helping you make a well- informed decision in the event you are thinking of buying one. Just like anything out there, it has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages and I will cover some of the …

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Instant Pot vs Pressure Cooker (In Depth Comparison)

instant pot vs pressure cooker

Are you on the market for a pressure cooker and wondering whether or not to go electric or stovetop? In this article, I compare the Instant Pot vs pressure cooker. I will cover as much as we can to help you decide which is the better option for you. The Instant Pot is an electric …

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Can an Instant Pot Explode (The Explosion Concept Explained)

can an instant pot explode

If you are reading this article, chances are you heard of some accounts of Instant Pot explosions. So, can Instant Pot explode? The answer to this question is not as clear and cut out as I may want it to be but I will attempt to answer it in the best way possible. In short, it …

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Is Instant Pot Lid Dishwasher Safe (The Best Way to Clean it)

is instant pot lid dishwasher safe

So, you have an Instant Pot and want to find out whether or not you can wash it in a dishwasher? I’ve often been asked the question “are instant pot lids dishwasher safe” on this blog and in this article I want to address that. The Instant Pot is made up of different parts and …

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