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Instant Pot Vs Air Fryer: Which is a Perfect Choice?

Many people tend to toss their minds on the ocean when it comes to choosing between instant pots and air fryers. The two products are quite new in the market and they perform almost the same function.

The most interesting thing about these items is that they can handle different meal recipes when it comes to cooking.  Both help to shorten the cooking time. Hence the key reason behind their popularity.

The comparison of instant pot vs air fryer will help you determine which item to add in your kitchen or rather purchase of all of them.

But it is worth knowing their differences. The core difference between instant pot and air fryer is that instant pot is a multi-cooker while air fryer prepares one meal at a time.

However, if you are planning to purchase the two items at the same time then it is worth knowing their differences, strength, and weakness besides the hidden features.

Therefore, the information highlighted in the comparison guide will help you make an informed decision since the pros and cons help to give a better view of each product. Let’s find out:

Core Differences between Instant Pot and Air Fryer

The comparison of the instant pot and air fryer in the guide is based on their hidden features, pros, and cons. Take time to read through and find the winner in each category.

Cooking Technique of the Appliances

Knowing how the two appliances work and how they are formed should be the first thing that hits your mind before making any purchase. Instant pot and air fryer are meant to facilitate cooking. Let’s find out the individual working procedure and see the winner.

Instant Pot

The kitchen appliance has some close similarities with the pressure cooker. It uses water or broth to generate steam that builds up pressure for cooking. The cookware has multiple pressure settings that give it the ability to cook delicious and nutritious food in a short time.

Air Fryer

The device has a similar working procedure like that of a convection oven. It uses a minimal amount of cooking oil and the superheated air to cook the food.

The hot air generated blow the fan and circulate around the food until it is perfectly cooked. The gadget has temperature control enabling the user to cook at an optimal temperature.


The general working procedure for the two appliances is quite different. The control settings on instant pot are quite simple to operate unlike those of air fryer.

Many people prefer an appliance that is quite simple to operate and it is the reason why instant pot is quite popular under the category, unlike the air fryer.

Kind of Food to Be Cooked

There are plenty of food recipes that require different methods of cooking. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a cooking appliance that suits each recipe. Both instant pot and air fryer have a reputation for cooking certain types of food. Let’s find out:

Instant Pot

The device uses moist heat to cook a variety of recipes except those that entail fried ones. If you are looking to steam and boil foods like stew, soup, etc then this is the perfect gadget to consider.

Some of the common foods that can be cooked by the kitchenware are rice, meat stew, porridge, soups and poultry among many others.

Air Fryer

The appliance uses dry hot air to make fried foods. It has the reputation of serving healthy meals since it uses minimal cooking oil to make meals.

If you are looking to make crunchy, crispy and delicious meals then consider air fryer over the typical fryers or pans.

Some of the popular foods cooked by the device are a burger, steak, fried chips, pizzas, sandwiches, and fried fish among many others.


Both kitchen appliances make healthy meals but the only difference comes out from the texture of the food at the end. Instant pot prepares moist and succulent food while air fryer makes crispy, crunchy and delicious foods.

A lot of people are looking at ways on how to live a healthy lifestyle and one of them is reducing the number of fats in their diet. Thus, it is the reason why many prefer air fryer over an instant pot.

Speed and Time of Cooking

People are considering cooking appliances that cook faster. The character has result in advancement in technology which facilitates the development of instant pot and air fryer.

The development of these kitchen appliances was with the intention to meet the desires of many people. Let’s see which one is the best.

Instant Pot

The traditional pressure cooker takes a lot of time when it comes to making food. Due to the desire to shorten the time, it led to the invention of the instant pot. The device reduces cooking time by 75%.

Air Fryer

The traditional ovens or fryers tend to take a lot of time when it comes to cooking. The introduction of air fryer lessens the cooking time by about 20 times.


Cooking time is key when selecting the kitchen appliance. Both instant pot and air fryer are great appliances when it comes to reducing the cooking time.

However, instant pot requires preheating before generating pressure meant for cooking and this is known to taking some time.

Air fryer emerges the winner under the category and it is regarded to be the fastest means for cooking meals at home, unlike instant pot.

Ease of Usage

Another key feature to consider when buying either of the two appliances is the ease of use. However, the two devices are quite simple to use but there are some things that make them stand apart when it comes to operation.

Instant Pot

The appliance works the same way as a pressure cooker but it normally comes with an instructional manual on how to operate it. The initial stages of operating the appliance tend to be quite difficult but with time it becomes easier.

Air Fryer

The kitchen appliance has control buttons for setting the time and temperature. These control features are few and quite simple to operate. There is no need for using the manual since all the buttons are labeled.


People prefer something that is quite easy and simple to operate. Many people opt for air fryer due to its simplicity over an instant pot that somehow difficult to operate. It is one of the reasons behind the popularity of air fryer over an instant pot.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleanliness is next to Godliness and it is the road towards living a healthy life. Cooking appliances need to be clean to prevent consuming contaminated meals. Both instant pot and air fryers can be cleaned but based on certain criteria since they are made using different methods.

Instant Pot

The gadget uses electricity as the source of power and it is advisable to put a lot of things in mind when thinking about cleaning.

The first thing is to unplug the appliance and it use a damp cloth to clean it. However, special care is required when cleaning the gasket.

Air Fryer

The appliance has removable parts making it easier to clean the Air Fryer by use of dishwater. It is the reason why the device is known for making healthier foods, unlike other kitchenware.


Healthy foods start with cleanliness and it is advisable to pick a kitchen appliance that is simple as well as easier to clean. An air fryer is a winner under the category due to the ease of cleaning.

Safety Measures

Most of these appliances are used in the kitchen and it is quite important to check on the safety before making the purchase.

Both appliances are used in cooking which involves the use of power which can pose danger.

Instant Pot

The pot uses water to release steam which can be harmful when it comes into contact with the skin. It is important to put precautions in place to avoid the occurrence of an accident like the instant pot explosion.

Air Fryer

The appliance is known for experiencing issues like overheating, melting, releasing plastic odor and smoking. These issues when not handled well can result in accidents.


There is no winner under the safety category as both instant pot and air fryer require the use of enough safety and care to prevent the occurrence of accidents. All in all, both appliances are safe to use in the long run after following the precautions set by the manufacturer.

Price of the Appliance

The cost of the appliance is key in judging the appliance but this should never be used to judge the performance. It is the reason why the factor appears at the end of the comparison list.

Instant Pot

The prices of the instant pot vary according to the manufacturer. There are certain models that are considered to be expensive while others are affordable. It depends on your choice of the brand.

Air Fryer

The air fryer tends to be cheaper among the cooking appliances. However, they also come in different brands which implies that their prices tend to vary.


The cost of the instant pot and air fryer are somehow close. But instant pot is regarded to be much affordable when compared to the air fryer.

Therefore, many people prefer to buy an appliance that serves them better regardless of their price. It is for the reason there is no winner in the category.

Instant Pot Vs Air Fryer: Which One Is The Best?

Both instant pots and air fryers are incredible kitchen appliances to add to your kitchen. The cookware tends to have some close similarities though they are quite different when it comes to the cooking mechanism.

If you are looking to consider one of them then I would recommend instant pot over air fryer. It is quite versatile since it has several cooking functions to cook various meals.

Besides that, it is known for cooking healthier meals just like the air fryer. However, if you are working on a tight budget then consider air fryer since they are quite affordable when compared to instant pots.

They are also ideal for preparing healthy meals. The perfect choice to consider all time is instant pot since most of the weight loss diet Keto is based on it.

The general cooking bills associated with the kitchen appliance is much affordable when compared to the air fryer.

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