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Can You Make Tea In A Coffee Pot? (Is it Really Possible)

So many people ask this question frequently and today I am going to answer it. For starters, it is important to recognize that coffee pots are not only meant for coffee.

Most of them are quite good when it comes to brewing tea as well as hot chocolate. So, if you’ve been thinking about making your tea in a coffee pot, now is the chance to try it.

The type of tea you want to make should determine the coffee pot you should choose. This simply means that not all coffee makers will give you the tea you are looking for.

In most cases, you should use a coffee pot that allows you to adjust the water’s temperature and steeping time. So, which coffee pots would work best and which ones are whack?

French Press

From my experience, the French Press is a great method to brew tea. I am saying this because it makes it easy to separate the tea leaves from the brew.

With the french press, you just have to add your tea bags or tea leaves and then put hot water. Once you do that, adjust the water temperature to your liking.

The next thing is to add the plunger and attach the lid. Now you can wait for the machine to do its thing which normally takes around 2 to 7 minutes depending on the tea you are making. With the French Press, it is easy to separate tea from the refuse which is quite convenient.

Turkish ibric

If you own the Turkish ibric, then you have a great pot to brew your tea. You can actually make some great tea using this small and delicate pot. You just need to boil the water in the pot, switch it off and let the water sit for a minute.

The good thing with the Turkish ibric is that you are always in control of how long to leave the tea to steep and how hot the water should be.

Besides, you won’t have to deal with bitter and burned tea when working with this coffee maker. The only problem you might experience is cleaning the pot after use.

Espresso machine

This coffee maker is not ideal for brewing tea because it does not give you control. You will notice that the water in an espresso machine is too hot for brewing loose leaf teas.

So, if you are looking to make white tea or green tea, don’t use the Espresso coz it will produce bitter and unpleasant tea. The only tea you can make with the Espresso is Black tea and herbal teas.

They are the only teas that can be brewed at temperatures of 194 F. My problem with an Espresso machine is that it quite fast and this means that it ruins the brewing time for tea.

Tea requires several minutes of steeping and this is not achievable when using an Espresso. The only way to make some good tea with this machine is by using tea pods.


I am pretty sure you are well informed about the best coffee makers to brew tea. Make sure you use the right one to avoid disappointments. Some coffee machines won’t work but some will after a few tweaks here and there.

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