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What to do with an old coffee maker (how to dispose of it)

When you have had your old coffee maker for far too long and it is time to get a newer version, disposing of it can be hectic.

Some countries have been discouraging e-waste because landfills are filling up fast and there’s nowhere to take the e-waste.

If the coffee maker is not too badly off and it can be handed down to a friend, family member or can be sold second hand, clean it up and pack it up for gifting or resale.

Many cities or towns have drop-off points for dropping off your old or beyond repair appliances like coffee makers. So, it is important that you search on the internet on the electric appliances recycle drop off points.

1. Goodwill sores

Other places where you can take your non-working coffee maker are your local Goodwill stores. Most people think that Goodwill stores are only meant for thrifted items like clothes and shoes.

But, most Goodwill stores also accept non-working electrical appliances to recycle at a later date. So, give them a call and confirm if they take appliances for recycling.

In the event they do, also take some usable items from your house especially your closet because they will go a long way in helping an unfortunate family.

Also, it is important to know that the Salvation Army does not take items meant for recycling; so don’t bother calling.

2. Take the coffee maker to the store where you bought it

This option only works for people who bought their coffee makers from a local shop. In the event you bought your coffee maker from Amazon or any other online shop, you are almost stuck with your old coffee maker.

But, this does not mean all the electronic shops are supposed to take back old electronics but you can give them a call or walk in and ask if they can take it back.

3. Take your old coffee maker back to its manufacturer.

Some manufacturers allow their clients to mail back the old or broken appliances for recycling. So, give them a call or shoot them an email and enquire if they can take back your coffee maker for recycling.

Some of the coffee manufacturers that allow you to mail back your old coffee maker are; Hamilton Beach and Nespresso.

Final words on what to do with an old coffee maker

In conclusion, if your coffee maker is still in good use, donate it to a needy friend, family or to a charitable organization like Goodwill.

Before donating, ensure you clean the coffee maker; it might not be required but the receiver of the coffee maker will appreciate it more if it is cleaned.

You can also research on e-waste companies in your city or town so that you can drop off or mail your old coffee maker to them for recycling.

Some companies are also kind enough to pick the broken coffee maker from your house which I think is an awesome gesture.

But this option is only possible if there are other broken electrical appliances to be picked because it makes the trip more economical. Happy recycling!

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