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Coffee Machine Recycling (What You Should Know)

coffee machine

We use Coffee machines to brew that first cup of coffee easily. And since it’s an everyday kitchen appliance, you can’t expect the coffee maker to last forever. When your Coffee machine is no longer functioning, do you throw them in the garbage? Or do you recycle them? If the latter, how do you go …

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7 Best Cheap Coffee Makers to Help You Start Your Day

best cheap coffee maker

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to save money. For coffee drinkers, finding a good budget coffee maker can be tricky. There are a number of coffee makers on the market that you can purchase for under $100. Some more popular budget-friendly coffee makers include the BELLA 12 Cup Coffee Maker, Mr. Coffee, …

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Top 7 Best Dual Coffee Maker to Get Your Morning Buzz

Best Dual Coffee Maker

There’s no need to agonize over the perfect cup of coffee anymore- thanks to dual coffee makers! These appliances allow you to brew two cups simultaneously, which is great for when you have friends over or if you just want to quickly get some caffeine before starting your day. Some Dual Coffee Makers have two …

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5 Kitchen Essentials for Small Spaces

A small kitchen with not much counter space for appliances

As the average price of homes continues to skyrocket, living spaces are growing smaller and smaller. This leaves homeowners with little to no room for a whole range of full-size appliances. Thankfully, there are a lot of cute-sized kitchen gadgets out there that boast multiple functions, making them ideal for small spaces. And here are …

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Reusable K-Cup | What Are They & Which Ones are Best?

Reusable K-Cups

  Using single-use k-cups with Keurig coffee makers sounds like a dream: you can get a cup of fresh coffee whenever you want without any delay or any real work. Perfectly convenient. But are you getting the amount of coffee grind worth your money? Is the quality up to the mark? How many options of …

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Does Tea Expire?

Green tea bag in a white tea cup glass on counter

  Tea is probably one of the most famous and healthiest beverages in the world. It’s an important part of many cultures and can be consumed on a daily basis and throughout the day. But if you ever wondered: does tea expire, then this article is for you! There is no easy answer to this …

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Keurig Coffee Maker Buying Guide | Mini vs. Duo vs. Elite

Keurig Coffee Machines Buying Guide

  The only thing better than coffee is owning a coffee maker that can instantly brew fresh coffee. And one of the most trustworthy names in this business is that of Keurig – a beverage brewing system offering some of the most premium quality single-serve coffee makers for home and commercial use. Keurig has been …

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Which Coffee Makers Makes The Hottest Coffee [Up to 205 Fahrenheit]

the coffee maker that makes the hottest coffee

      Most American households do love coffee and it’s estimated that most adults down about 3 cups daily. Of course, everyone has his or her preference of coffee but this post will target those guys who love their coffee hot. Coffee makers come in different styles and designs but not all are able …

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Can you use K Cups in a Regular Coffee Maker?

using k cups in a coffee maker

    Can you use K cups in a regular coffee maker? In this article we are going to look into this question and try to answer it in the best way possible. Unfortunately you cannot use K cups in regular coffee machines. Keurig Machines use K cups whereas other machines use pods. However there …

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Strong Button on keurig: What does it do?

strong function on a keurig machine

So, what exactly does the strong button do on Keurig? This article will help answer that question and help you get the most out of your Keurig. The strong button on the Keurig makes the process of brewing your coffee a little longer. This makes your coffee taste stronger. The amount of caffeine does not …

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Making Tea in the Keurig: Can you really make it?

can you make tea in a keurig

In this article we are going to look at making tea in the Keurig: Can you really make it? The short answer to that is yes. Let us go through the quick and easy process. It is possible to make tea in a Keurig. In order to do this, you will need a reusable K-pod …

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Keurig Says Add Water but it is Full

keurig water problem

What does it mean when my Keurig says add more water but it is full? A wonderful investment that a coffee lover can make is to buy a coffee brewer like the Keurig. A home Keurig can be expensive but its value for a coffee lover is irreplaceable. This makes seeing funny errors on your …

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How long can you leave water in Keurig?

how long can you leave water in keurig

The Keurig is considered a luxurious coffee brewer used in both homes and shops. How long can you leave water in a Keurig machine though? With concerns that come from the process the machine uses to brew coffee, questions might arise concerning how long one can leave water in it. How long can you leave …

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Can You Put Milk in Keurig

can you put milk in a keurig

The Keurig brewer is loved for its ability to make a single perfect coffee but can you put milk in a Keurig? Keurigs make it seem magical when they brew the coffee so quickly and flawlessly. There is a wide variety of K-Cups which have different flavors of coffees some really strong and some flavored, …

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Keurig coffee too strong

strong tasting keurig coffee

Is Keurig coffee too strong? Keurig coffee is brewed to have the best quality in taste and richness. The taste of a strong brew of coffee is loved by some and detested by others. Over the years many different types of coffees have been made to try to accommodate the various types of taste people …

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Does cappuccino have coffee in it

does cappuccino have coffee in it

Ideally ,at the first sight of a cappuccino I thought it was just a cup of hot frothy milk .But after I took a sip, it hit me that it wasn’t just milk. I remember that day I kept on asking myself does cappuccino have coffee in it ? Yes Cappuccino has coffee in it …

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Is Coffee a Vegetable?

Is coffee fruit or vegetable

Is coffee a vegetable? There’s a lot of surprising truth and facts about your favorite morning kick start cup. Whichever way you like to drink coffee, black-no-sugar, cappuccino, we can say it appeals to people differently. It is the cornerstone of corporate giants like Starbucks and Ma’an Coffee. Behind that deep aroma and earthy taste, …

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Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

auto pour over coffee maker

      Are you looking for the best automatic pour-over coffee machine? Shopping for an electric drip coffee maker is both exciting and daunting. It is a task you need to do mindfully. The electric drip coffee maker tends to heat water to perfect brewing temperature. The beauty is that it allows coffee grounds …

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Keurig descale light stays on: How to Fix it

coffee maker

    You are about to enjoy your favorite morning beverage and now become your tradition since buying your Keurig, you go and fire it up. To your dismay, however, instead of the usual sounds that you hear when fixing your cuppa, you just hear a the descale light comes on and stays on. What …

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What Coffee Machine Does Starbucks Use?

the espresso machine starbucks use

    If you’re a coffee enthusiast as I am, you have probably wondered the secret behind Starbuck’s tasty coffee. Well, they say that there three critical components to a quality coffee, namely; coffee machine, coffee beans, and hands. And today, I will focus on the first critical component; the coffee machine that Starbucks use, …

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Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds? (Everything You Must Know)

coffee grounds

Many coffee junkies tend to experience a burning hole in their wallet. Most of them opt to find ways on how to cut the cost from their addiction. There are many online recommendations on how to reuse coffee grounds. But is this safe or complete disgusting? The article is set out to answer the question …

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Can You Make Tea In A Coffee Pot? (Is it Really Possible)

tea in a coffee pot

So many people ask this question frequently and today I am going to answer it. For starters, it is important to recognize that coffee pots are not only meant for coffee. Most of them are quite good when it comes to brewing tea as well as hot chocolate. So, if you’ve been thinking about making …

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What to do with an old coffee maker (how to dispose of it)

what to do with an old coffee maker

When you have had your old coffee maker for far too long and it is time to get a newer version, disposing of it can be hectic. Some countries have been discouraging e-waste because landfills are filling up fast and there’s nowhere to take the e-waste. If the coffee maker is not too badly off …

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Can You Make Hot Chocolate in a Coffee Maker (How to Guide)

can you make hot chocolate in a coffee maker

    One of the things everyone must have thought of is if you can make hot chocolate in a coffee maker. To answer your question, yes you can make hot chocolate in a coffee maker. The best thing about it is that you can make it with pretty much any coffee maker. Here is …

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Do all coffee makers have an automatic shut off?

modern coffee machine

If you low-key suffer from very mild amnesia, there’s a possibility you have forgotten to switch off your coffee maker. You can have the sharpest memory but once in a while you are in a hurry or something just confuses you and you forget to switch it off. And to answer your question, not all …

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