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Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds? (Everything You Must Know)

Many coffee junkies tend to experience a burning hole in their wallet. Most of them opt to find ways on how to cut the cost from their addiction.

There are many online recommendations on how to reuse coffee grounds. But is this safe or complete disgusting? The article is set out to answer the question interestingly.

If you are a serious coffee junkie who knows more about flavor profiles and ratios then you won’t like to reuse coffee grounds.

Coffee beans are made up of flavor compounds and caffeine. These are the ingredients that make coffee beverages lovable and interesting.

The initial cup of the coffee ground is normally strong and tasty. The extra cup made from the coffee grounds is going to taste quite different.

In short, it is never advisable to reuse coffee grounds for another extra cup. This is so since all the ingredients have been dissolved in the previous cup. The bitter-tasting tend to be disgusting.

If the reason behind reusing coffee ground is to save money then it is advisable to consider an affordable brand. This will ensure you use fresh coffee grounds when in need of something to pass down your throat.

The rule of thumb about coffee junkies is that they never sacrifice quality over a few cents. Cheap brand of coffee ground won’t dig a huge hole in your wallet.

Besides that, reused coffee grounds are normally wet and when leftover they create a breeding ground for bacteria. Hence not safe for human consumption.

The good news is that reusing coffee grounds for other purposes apart from drinking is a great idea. Therefore, keep reading the article for detail insight about alternative uses.

Do Used Coffee Grounds Still Have Caffeine?

Coffee grounds contain flavor compounds, oils, and caffeine. The initial cup of coffee tends to be tasty and stronger when compared to the extra cup made from the same coffee grounds.

The most wonderful thing is that both the initial cup and the extra cup still contain caffeine. However, the taste and the strength of caffeine tend to differ a little.

According to research, used coffee grounds have been proven to contain about 3.59 to 8.09 milligrams of caffeine per the gram of coffee used. Also, brewing coffee ground for long tends to deprive the extra cup of caffeine amount.

This happens so since caffeine is soluble in water and is highly susceptible to evaporation. Therefore, develop the habit of brewing coffee within the shortest time possible and make the extra cup also enjoyable in the long run.

Besides that, design tricks on how to store the used coffee grounds to prevent bacteria from intruding them. This will make it usable and safe for human consumption.

Lastly, identify ways on how to dispose of used coffee grounds effectively without polluting the environment. The article provides better options on how to dispose of used coffee grounds. So, keep reading.

Do Used Coffee Grounds Go Bad?

Does used coffee grounds go bad? Well, this is a common question that tosses the mind of people who are not heavy users. The truth of the matter is that they do go bad.

This does not depend on the method of storage. So, no need to think about storage tricks under this level. Used coffee grounds are usually wet and this tends to attract bacteria to breed.

This microorganism causes decomposition. Drinking coffee made from decomposed coffee grounds can cause stomach problems.

Besides that, the weird taste will trigger vomiting and this can completely spoil your day. This is the reason why it is recommended never to reuse coffee grounds. Consider using fresh coffee grounds whenever you need dealing with your addiction.

Fresh coffee grounds are tasty due to the huge amount of flavor compounds and caffeine, unlike used coffee grounds. Besides that, they are proven to be safe and healthy for human consumption.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways on how to reuse coffee grounds apart from drinking. Keep reading to find out the clever ways to dispose of.

How Long Does Used Coffee Grounds Last?

Used coffee grounds can be used in a variety of ways such as creating fertilizer for a backyard garden, deodorizer, and facial mask.

The method of storing and drying determines how long the used coffee grounds are going to last. To get maximum benefits from used coffee grounds then it is worth to learn how to dry and store.

Used coffee grounds tend to be wet and this invites an invasion of molds or bacteria causing decomposition. Therefore, drying them under the sun help to restrict mold or bacteria invasion.

Place the used coffee grounds on the baking sheet under the sun for about 2-3 days to dry. This helps to expel water and keep the grains dried.

You will also require to get a tight air-proof container and store the dried used coffee grounds. Ensure the container is dry and clean.

Put all the used coffee grounds in the container then cover it with a newspaper strip before tightening with a lid. The strip helps to absorb moisture that could have found its way inside the container.

Well dried used coffee grounds tend to last between 1-2 months. This depends on the method of storage. Always keep the container in a cool and dry place.

How to Tell If Used Ground Coffee Is Bad

Used coffee grounds are prone to going bad since they are wet. Molds tend to grow on wet surfaces and wet used coffee grounds have no exception.

Therefore, if you have used coffee grounds with a sign of molds then it is advisable to throw away. They are considered to be unfit for human consumption.

Another reason to tell if used ground coffee is bad is when it produces a weird and disgusting smell. Such ground coffee can stimulate someone to puke.

Also, when the used ground coffee changes color from deep black to lighter shade of brown. This is a clear indication that it has lost its flavors and taste stale.

The smell is the best way to determine if the ground coffee is safe. If it does not produce a sweet aroma then pitch it. Many coffee junkies tend to brew a small amount of coffee drink to taste.

This is the best method but it is not safe to try it especially if you have a sensitive stomach. I recommend using fresh ground coffee rather than used.

This will help you enjoy the sweet aroma and taste of the coffee. If you are worried about the cost then it is advisable to consider cheap brands of coffee. Never sacrifice quality over a few cents. Stay fresh and healthy by avoiding used coffee grounds.

What are the Other Uses of Used Ground Coffee?

Apart from not being used to make an extra cup, there are other clever ways on how to reuse ground coffee. Here is the deal:

Backyard Garden Fertilizer

Coffee grounds have plenty of nutrients ideal for plants. Therefore, you can put the used ground coffee in the solid of the backyard garden or houseplant pots.

The best way to reuse ground coffee as fertilizer is to let it decompose. The nutrients will be absorbed faster by the plants.

Facial and Body Scrub

Most commercial exfoliate tend to damage the skin due to the chemical composition. It is high time to replace it with used ground coffee.

The abrasiveness of used ground coffee help to get rid of dead skin cells on the face or the body during exfoliation. The good news is that it does not cause skin damage or irritation after rubbing it on the body or face. Shower in the warm water before using the used coffee ground as a scrub.

Refrigerator Deodorizer

Prolong usage of the fridge tend to emit some awful odor and this is the reason why many people use baking soda to get rid of the awful smell.

The coffee ground tends to smell good and the used grounds can be wrap in the bag then place on the refrigerator shelf.

It will help to absorb the disgusting smell from the fridge. In Compost Both used ground and filter coffee are biodegradable.

According to research, used ground coffee releases nitrogen during decomposition and this encourages worm invasion. Besides that, it helps balances the pH of the compost pile and this promotes faster decomposition.

Cleaning Plates

Ground coffee has a coarse texture which is effective when it comes to cleaning utensils. The abrasiveness help to get rid of hard to wash dirt on the plates.

I recommend putting some used ground coffee in the rag and then start washing the plates immediately.

Get Rid of Furniture Scratches

Used coffee grounds can help to cover furniture scratches and restore them in good condition.

This is done by mixing the used coffee ground with water then rub over the affected area. The mixture stains the wood and makes the scratches less visible.

Bug Repellants

Used coffee grounds have a strong scent which can help to keep bugs at bay. You can sprinkle the coffee grounds around the foundation of the house and this will keep insects away.

How to Dry Used Coffee Grounds

Drying used ground coffee help to make them last longer and be ideal for making beauty products such as face mask. Put the grounds on the baking sheet covered with a newspaper.

Keep the ground layer quite thin for easier drying from the sun. Keep the baking sheet that contains coffee grounds outside directly to the sun.

The excess water will get evaporated and leave the grounds dried. The drying process of the used ground coffee normally takes about 2 to 3 days to be completely ready.

Keep on rotating the grounds on the baking sheet daily. Get a clean and dry container for storage. Cover the container with a strip seal to absorb any moisture present in the container and tighten it with a lid.

Keep in the cool and dry place. Alternative, you can place the baking sheet containing ground coffee in the oven. Ensure the temperature are low to ensure the grounds do not get burnt.

Final Thoughts on Reusing Ground Coffee

I know many coffee junkies open the page to get a resounding yes for reusing ground coffee. However, we have walked you through the best ways on how to handle reuse coffee grounds.

The methods listed above are aiming to create environment-friendly usage of coffee grounds in our homes. Well, use the comment section below and share your views about used coffee grounds.

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