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Can You Make Hot Chocolate in a Coffee Maker (How to Guide)



One of the things everyone must have thought of is if you can make hot chocolate in a coffee maker.

To answer your question, yes you can make hot chocolate in a coffee maker. The best thing about it is that you can make it with pretty much any coffee maker. Here is how you make it and what you’ll need;

  • Coffee Maker
  • Water
  • Hot chocolate mix packets (you can also make your own)

Steps You Need to Take to Make Hot Chocolate in a Coffee Maker

  1. Fill your coffee maker with water the same way you fill it when you are making coffee
  2. Open your hot chocolate mix sachets and empty their contents into the coffee carafe in the coffee maker. If you add 5 cups of water, you can use 3-4 packets of hot chocolate packets.
  3. Add your favorite sweetener and if you prefer is sugarless, you can skip this part
  4. Turn the coffee maker on and let it run for a few minutes
  5. When the mixture is boiled, ensure all the powder is dissolved
  6. Serve with your favorite snacks.

The best thing about making hot chocolate with a coffee maker is that you can use pretty much any coffee maker, but some coffee makers make hottest the hottest coffee and that can make your hot chocolate hotter too. Here are some other ways on how you can make hot chocolate with a coffee maker;

Hot chocolate using a bean to cup coffee machine

When people are getting this coffee maker, they always wonder if they can use it to make hot chocolate. The answer to your question is that it is possible to make hot chocolate using this coffee maker.

The best thing here is that you have two options and these are;

1. When your coffee maker has a milk frother, steam a cup of milk to about halfway and add a sachet or two of your favorite chocolate flavor.

Stir the mixture and some add boiling water to dilute the mixture. This method gets you the creamiest hot chocolate that comes in very handy during winter or when it is raining.

2.The second option is to mixing the normal hot chocolate powder and adding hot water from the water spout. This is especially good for people staying away from dairy products for some time or lactose-intolerant people.

Making hot chocolate using a coffee vendor machine

This is one of the easiest ways to make hot chocolate using a coffee maker. Some coffee makers have a designated canister for making chocolate.

Other times there’s a chance of having an empty canister where you fill it with your favorite hot chocolate flavor. You are on your way to getting the best hot chocolate cup.

Making hot chocolate using a capsule coffee machine

Using a capsule coffee machine can be a little tricky because you are a bit limited with the number of capsules that are specific for that machine.

So, it is advisable to get one that has your brand capsule that contains hot chocolate,  15 Bar Coffee Machine by Barsetto is a great example of that (See what people are saying on Amazon).

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In the event, your coffee maker can work with a milk powder capsule, brew a cup of milk and add your favorite hot chocolate flavor powder.

If your coffee maker does not have either of the two, try a choccochino by making a cup of espresso then add hot chocolate powder and heated milk. Enjoy your cup of hot chocolate.

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