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Can you use K Cups in a Regular Coffee Maker?



Can you use K cups in a regular coffee maker? In this article we are going to look into this question and try to answer it in the best way possible.

Unfortunately you cannot use K cups in regular coffee machines. Keurig Machines use K cups whereas other machines use pods. However there are specific machines that can use the K cup. Here are some models that can use K cups:

Cuisinart Coffee Maker, Single Serve...
  • Please refer to user guide or user manual (provided below in PDF) before...

Starbucks 7.62111E+11 Verismo System,...
  • The Starbucks Verismo Home Brewer brews your favorite high-quality...
  • Craft an endless variety of your favorite Starbucks Cafe beverages right at...
  • Swiss-engineered, dual-pressure technology pulls exceptional espresso shots...

Can you open K cups and use in regular coffee maker?

It is very much possible to use K cups with a regular coffee maker. In principle, all that’s needed is hot water and a something to filter the coffee with.

This is a mechanism that is in most coffee makers. For this to work, all you need to do is open up the K cup and dump the contents into the coffee filter.

Add enough water to make a single cup of coffee then brew as normal. Others have gone on to use a regular sieve and simply poured water over the extracted contents of the K cup.

How the K cups are designed

Keurig K cups are small containers that contain coffee inside them. They come sealed with a foil cover to keep the coffee fresh and dry at all times.

You can find almost any flavour of coffee in those flavour filled cups. They are made out of strong flexible plastic. Inside there is a porous filter that allows the coffee to be filtered.

place you have to close the top of the coffee maker. When you have done this there are two pins that poke holes into the k cup.

This happens so that the hot water can brew the coffee,  Tea or hot chocolate inside while nicely distributing it. One hole is made in the foil cover on the top to let water in.

The other hole is made at the bottom to allow the freshly brewed hot beverage to drip into your cup.

How to use a K-cup with no machine at all

I do have a bit of good news. There is a hack whereby you can use the K-cup without compromising the quality of your brewed coffee. We will go through the process in a few easy steps.

Be prepared to spend a little more time than you would when using the Keurig. This is a manual process so it will require a little extra patience. Firstly you need to make sure you have the following items ready:

  • Mesh strainer
  • Electric Jug
  • Measuring Cup
  • Mug
  • Scissors

Your first step is ensuring you have boiled water in your electric jug. From there you take your K cup and cut out the bottom. You have to make sure you avoid cutting the filter as you open the bottom of the K- cup.

You can hold your K-cup up to the light so you can see the outline of the filter. Use your scissors to cut out the bottom. After this step you proceed to open the top of the k-cup by cutting the foil layer seal. You can poke a hole then make a nice incision to neatly cut out the foil.

Always be extra cautious to avoid spilling the ground coffee onto the kitchen counter or floor. Next step is placing the mesh strainer in the mug. You may want to wash it first before doing so.

You can find such a mesh at the Dollar Tree. There are different kinds so your best choice is one that fits perfectly into your mug. You then place the K – cup inside the mesh such that it sits nicely and holds while you pour.

The following step is pouring enough hot water to fill up a mug into your measuring cup. You then pour the water into the K-cup slowly making sure it does not spill over.

The pouring may take a little longer than a few seconds since the water pressure is not as much as that which machine produces.

It will take you about one and half to two minutes to empty the water from the measuring cup. The filter and the low pressure of the water both contribute to the slowness of the process.

Afterwards your cup of coffee is ready and it is almost just as good as the one from the brewer. You can go on to add sweeteners and milk. Voila! You just made your coffee.


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