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Making Tea in the Keurig: Can you really make it?

In this article we are going to look at making tea in the Keurig: Can you really make it? The short answer to that is yes. Let us go through the quick and easy process.

It is possible to make tea in a Keurig. In order to do this, you will need a reusable K-pod and a tea bag. You prepare your tea in much the same way that you do for a cup of coffee. All you just do is replace your coffee with a tea bag.

Can you use the reusable K cups for tea?

Yes you can. You will need a reusable K-pod that fits the model of the Keurig you have in your house or office. You can find these in Walmart, Target or online on Amazon. You want to make sure it is the perfect K-pod that fits your machine.

Secondly you need to place your tea bag inside the K-pod. Any standard tea bag will be perfect. If it is a tagged tea bag you need to make sure you remove the tag to avoid the bag from holding together.

As you place the tea bag inside the K-pod you need to make sure it is nicely spread out. Place it in such a way that as much water as possible hits the tea bag.

Thirdly, go ahead and close your K- pod, open your Keurig and place your K-pod in the holder. You will find that since you will be using a big K-pod the machine will take you to coffee mode as opposed to hot water mode.

At this point the fourth thing you have to do is check if the reservoir has enough hot water in it. Fifth step is to place your cup on the drip tray.

The different Keurig models come in either touch display menu or actual physical buttons. If you are using the touch menu you have to select the cup size you want by hitting left or right arrows on the screen giving you cup size options.

You just stop when you get to the right size. If your model has buttons on it you simply press the button labelled with the cup size you want. To start brewing you just press the start button.

You do have two choices of strong or normal tea. So before you start brewing you can hit strong if you do want it strong. For normal tea you just go on ahead to press the start button. In a few seconds it pours into your cup and you just add your sweetener and enjoy your tea.

Making Ice Tea in the Keurig

Making your ice tea is pretty much the same but just a little different. Let us go through the process quickly. Make sure you have your blocks of ice ready in a glass.

Take your K-pod and insert your favourite tea bag using the same method we outlined in the hot tea making process. Open your Keurig and place the K-pod nicely into the holder and close it.

Next step is to place your glass on the drip tray. However most glasses are taller than regular mugs so they may not fit under the drip with the tray on.

Simply remove the drip tray and place your glass directly onto the surface that the Keurig is sitting on. When you are selecting the capacity make sure to take the amount of ice into account.

The more ice you have the less tea you can pour into your glass. If you are using a regular sized glass of 220ml you may want to select 8oz.

Press the start button and let your hot tea drip into your glass. Your glass will most likely fill up to the top with the melted ice in. You can pour into a bigger plastic cup if you want to add more ice and sweeteners to avoid making a mess on your kitchen counter.

Making tea using loose tea instead of tea bags

If you are going to use loose tea the process is more or less the same. What you need to do is put two level teaspoons of your loose tea inside the filter then place it nicely inside the K-pod.

Two spoons is good for medium strength tea with a nice aroma. You can still get decent tea from one tea spoon but it may not be as strong as you want it to be.

Place your K-pod inside the K cup holder Go through the usual checks like making sure your reservoir has enough hot water. Place your cup under on the drip tray. Select the cup size and go ahead to press the start button. In a few seconds your nice cup of tea is ready to drink!

Making tea using the hot water mode on keurig

You will need your usual necessities which are water, normal tea bags, cup and your Keurig coffee maker. Since the Keurig coffee maker doubles up as a hot water dispenser your task is going to be an easy one.

Firstly make sure your reservoir is filled up with water. From there you want to make sure that there is no K – pod in the K-cup holder. After this you can proceed to run the hot water cycle.

This usually heats up the water to temperatures of 89 degrees celsius(192 degrees Fahrenheit). After the cycle is done place your cup on the drip tray with the tea bag inside.

Select your cup size then press the hot water option. Allow the water to drip into your cup and let the tea spread nicely in the water.

You will notice that your tea might not be as strong as you would want it to be because the water would not have reached the usual boiling point of 100 degrees Celsius(212 degrees Fahrenheit).

You can put two tea bags instead of one to get the strength you want. On a cold winter night your cup might be cold as well and it can affect the strength of your tea as well.

Conclusion on using keurig to make tea

There are a couple of ways to make your tea using the Keurig Coffee Maker. Go ahead and make your favourite cup of tea.

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