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Strong Button on keurig: What does it do?

So, what exactly does the strong button do on Keurig? This article will help answer that question and help you get the most out of your Keurig.

The strong button on the Keurig makes the process of brewing your coffee a little longer. This makes your coffee taste stronger. The amount of caffeine does not change since it is the same amount of coffee you would use without pressing the strong option.

By allowing the brew to be long it means that there is more time for diffusion of the coffee which results in that rich strong taste.

Strong Button Not Working

It is possible to find your strong button unresponsive in some instances. This is not a train smash. When you see this happen it means that you have placed the K cup inside the K cup holder b It is always advisable to insert the K cup inside the holder when the machine is powered on.

Soon after you insert the K cup you must close the mechanism. Thereafter the cup sizes light up. You can then press the strong button then choose your cup size.

“Iced” Button

The keurig comes with another button that has a similar effect to that of the “strong” button. It is the “iced” button. Making your iced coffee the regular way without using the “iced” button may compromise the quality of your coffee. You may end up with weak tasting coffee.

For a nice iced coffee the taste has to be strong. The instruction manual comes with the instructions on how to make iced coffee. For the sake of convenience I will add the instructions here as well.

You will need a tumbler, ice and a K-cup of your favourite coffee. In the manual the instructions read as follows: For iced beverages, fill a 1oz tumbler with ice. Insert any K cup pod and press the iced button. You may want to remove the drip tray before placing your tumbler under the drip.

Most tumblers are generally taller than regular coffee cups so they may not fit with the tray in place. Different coffees come with different caffeine levels and that contributes to the strength of the coffee.

Below I will list some of the strongest coffees in terms of caffeine levels. We already discussed in the previous passages that the strong button gives you a stronger taste but does not change the caffeine levels.

5 Coffee’s to use with the Keurig Strong Function

Black Label

Black Label is a coffee brand from the Devil Mountain Coffee Company. This one is known as the world’s most strong cup. It contains about 1555mg of coffee per 12oz. That is a lot of caffeine. It is very important to know your caffeine tolerance levels before drinking this.

Very Strong Coffee

Just as its name suggests, this coffee is very strong. It is the strongest coffee in the UK. If you no longer get a kick from regular coffee you may want to try this out.

It still has a high caffeine content. For every 12oz brewed there is 1350mg of caffeine. Also check your caffeine tolerance before taking this one.

High Voltage Coffee

This is an Austrilian brand that comes with about 1150mg of caffeine per 12oz brewed. Unlike most high caffeine coffees this particular one is not as bitter tasting as the others.

Black Insomnia

Black insomnia is originally from South Africa. You can purchase it online via Amazon. It comes with 1105mg of caffeine per 12oz brewed. It used to have less caffeine but since 2018 another formulation was made and the levels went up.

Killer Coffee

Killer Coffee contains 645mg of caffeine per 12oz brewed. You can order it on their website. It is an Australian brand and their coffee beans type is Arabica.

Conclusion on  strong button on keurig

Thats is it folks! If you want to make some magic in your kitchen with Keurig using some strong coffees with a strong taste you should definately try out some of these. If you tired of some coffee and looking to try tea in your keurig I wrote an article about that.

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