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Are Refrigerator Air Filters Necessary? (Do you need them)

Modern refrigerators have an ice maker and water dispenser. The two components rely more on water filters to achieve their roles effectively.

Hence the reason why water filter has emerged to be an essential component for a refrigerator with an inbuilt water dispenser. Now, what about air filters? Are air filters necessary? Absolutely yes.

It is among the essential components of a fridge since it ensures a fresh stream of air inside the fridge to neutralize unpleasant odor.

This is the reason why many foods, fruits, and vegetables loaded in the refrigerator always remain fresh and safe for consumption despite the duration of time.

The air filters usually clean air that enters the fridge and this implies that fresh as well as clean air circulate over the foods, vegetables, and fruits only.

The good news is that the air filters help to keep away bacteria from contaminating the foods stored in the fridge.

This is will ensure the family eats healthy and fresh foodstuffs. The effectiveness of the air filters in fridges varies depending on the size and model.

I recommend buying such fridges from reputable companies that provide warranty in case of not meeting your expectations.

Proper maintenance and care are crucial things to consider when handling a refrigerator that has air filters. This helps to make them quite effective and long-lasting.

What Is A Refrigerator Air Filter?

A refrigerator air filter is a component that circulates clean and fresh air inside a fridge when it is closed. This helps to prevent foodstuffs and groceries from getting spoil.

Clean and fresh air circulation ensures that foodstuffs, as well as groceries, stay safe for human consumption despite the period of storage.

Besides that, the air filters help to get rid of unpleasant odor buildup in the fridge and this also helps to prevent the buildup of bacteria causing diseases to land on foodstuffs.

Almost all models of new refrigerators emerging in the market have air filters. You should not that these components are not long-lasting and they will require replacement after some time.

Do All Refrigerators Have Air Filters?

Modern models of refrigerators have air filters but the ancient models tend not to have one hence the reason why it emitted an unpleasant smell.

The main duty of air filters is to clean the air that circulates inside the fridge. The filters have the ability to trap bad odor from food spillage and make the air fresh again insider the refrigerator.

According to the research done by experts, air filters perform their task about eight times better than the baking soda and other cleaning products.

If you are planning to shop for a refrigerator then it is worth considering the model that has air filters among other features that you desire like portability and water filters.

Also, consider seeking advice about how effective are the air filters and water filters of your new fridge. Besides that, get to know how long it is going to last before replacement.

How Often Should I Replace Air Filters?

Proper care and maintenance of a refrigerator tend to improve their effectiveness as well as a period of lasting. Air filters tend to run throughout the functionality period of the fridge.

This implies that they are highly susceptible to breakdown. Replacing worn-out air filters is quite easy but you can still hire an expert for assistance in case you have more money to spend.

Generally, air filters are designed to serve for several months and it is never advisable to clean them then fix them again.

The best thing to do is to replace the old with the new filters. How often one needs to replace the old air filters depend on the usage but it is recommended to be every six months.

Air filters are prone to worn out if the fridge is heavily used since the family members keep on opening the door every 30 minutes.

This makes the air filters to be overworked hence prone to breakdown. Lastly, the quality of the air filters in different fridges varies according to the manufacturer. It is good to consider the company that has a great reputation for selling kitchen appliances.

How Do I Change The Air Filter In My Refrigerator?

Air filters for fridges come in different types depending on the model and size of the refrigerator. This implies that even the process of replacing tend to differ.

Therefore, understand the model of your fridge and shop for an air filter that is compatible with the old one. Use the code number on the old filter to shop for the new one.

The first thing to do is removing the air filter from the package. Then pull out the plastic casket from the vented area.

Remove the cover by lifting one side to make everything easier. Snap the new air filter into the place. Then the refrigerator will now be ready to work again.

I recommend following the instructional guidelines from the manufacturer on how to replace new air filters on the fridge or hire an expert to offer any assistance.

Summary of Refrigerator Air Filters

Good health starts with what we eat and drink. The fridge has both water and air filters for serving freshness and safety of food.

Air filters help to clean air circulating inside the refrigerator and this helps to prevent bad odor from circulating over the bad.


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