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Are Refrigerator Water Filters Necessary?

People living in areas where water purity is a problem should consider using water filters. This is the reason why it is quite essential since it will save you from lots of waterborne diseases.

Modern refrigerators tend to have water filters connected to a water dispenser and ice makers. This helps to get rid of substances that can cause sickness to the user after drinking the water.

Besides that, drinking pure water is healthy and quick to reduce thirst. The good news is that refrigerators can work without water filters.

Due to the rising issues of waterborne diseases across the world, many companies manufacturing fridges have opted to include water filters.

This helps to get rid of dangerous substances causing diseases. The main duty of water filters is to get rid of unwanted substances from water.

Water is among the basic needs of human beings hence it needs to be pure to support they’re well- being. Many developed countries, water passes through a treatment plant and this makes it quite ideal for consumption.

But there are some traces of substances that can get through a water pipe during transportation hence the need for water filters in the refrigerator.

In underdeveloped countries, it somehow compulsory to have a refrigerator with water filters since most of the water does not pass through a treatment process hence might get contaminated.

Are Fridge Water Filters Good?

Purified water holds many health benefits both at home and workplace. Advancement in technology has resulted in inbuilt refrigerators with water dispensers.

However, the effectiveness of the water filters in these refrigerators water dispensers tend to vary according to the brand of the appliance.

Therefore, I do recommend bottle-less water dispensers since the chances of getting water impurities are low when compared to the inbuilt refrigerator water dispenser.

Most of the refrigerators are not clean regardless of the brand and they tend to contain microbes such as coliform and salmonella.

These microorganisms have a reputation for causing diseases in human beings. Besides that, refrigerator water filters are made of carbon and this normally interferes with the tastes and smell of water.

Hence fridge water filters are not that good. That’s not all. The period water comes into contact with refrigerator filters determines how effective it is when it comes to removing impurities.

People living in areas with huge traffic experiences a lot of pollution and it is advisable to use a bottle-less dispenser over refrigerator water filters.

Refrigerator water filters need regular cleaning and this is something many people tend to forget. This will result in clogging and hence enhance the thriving of bacteria causing diseases.

How Long Does A Water Filter In A Refrigerator Last?

Water is an essential need for supporting health and well-being. Therefore, you need to drink and use clean water to cook.

Getting a refrigerator with an inbuilt water dispenser will save you a lot of bucks. Here you do not need to buy a water dispenser appliance separately.

Most of these refrigerators with water dispensers have water filters that help to remove impurities that might cause sickness in the user.

However, some of these water filters normally become ineffective after some time and it is recommended to replace them.

If you are using the water dispenser on the fridge regularly then you will be required to replace water filters every six months.

This is an indication that water filters in a refrigerator normally last for about six months. Failure to replace the water filters, the water might become contaminated with bacteria and the chances of getting sick are too high.

Also, contaminated water has certain weird tastes and smells. How do I tell if my water filters are damaged or old? Well, this is quite easy.

The water will produce an unpleasant odor, have an icky taste and water pressure reduces. Changing the water filter after six months is quite crucial.

However, you will need to hire an expert for assistance since fixing water filters can be tricky depending on the model.

Can You Clean A Refrigerator Water Filter?

Clean water is essential for our health and well-being. Drinking contaminated water increases the risk of getting waterborne diseases.

Most of the underdeveloped countries have problems with water treatment and it is advisable never to drink water directly from the tap.

This is the reason why many people prefer buying bottled water to reduce the risk of drinking contaminated water.

The good news is that many modern fridges are built with modern technology and they come with a unit of water dispenser.

This helps to filter out unwanted substances that might cause water contamination. Prolong usage of the fridge water dispenser makes the water filters to become clogged with unwanted materials.

Therefore, it is advisable to clean to improve its effectiveness. However, if you have used the water filters for six months then you will be required to replace it since its effectiveness tend to reduce.

Do I Need To Change My Refrigerator Water Filter?

Changing the water filters of the water dispenser in the fridge is crucial. Old water filters make the drinking water to have an unpleasant odor, icky taste, and smell.

Besides that, it makes the water unfit for human consumption since the unwanted substances can cause weird diseases that can increase family expenses.

Therefore, it is recommended to change the refrigerator water filters after six months and this will help improve its effectiveness.

Also, I recommend cleaning the water filters twice a month before the first six months elapses. This will help to get rid of bacterial buildup around the nozzle and the entire fridge.

How Do I Know If My Water Filter Is Bad?

Telling if the water filter in the inbuilt water dispenser refrigerator is quite easy. It is also easier to know if the water filter is working effectively since water is usually fresh and tasty.

Worn out water filters will result in a decrease in water pressure. This happens due to excessive leaking and it will be advisable to hire a plumber to correct it.

Besides that, water will start to taste bad and it will be accompanied by unwanted substances. The chances of getting waterborne diseases are high and this is the reason why it is recommended to replace it.

Lastly, if the inbuilt water dispenser starts to produce odd noise while working. This is a clear indication of worn-out water filters.

Final Thoughts

Clean water is essential for staying healthy in life. However, water contamination is something that is inevitable and hence the need for water filters.

Modern refrigerators and mini-fridges come with an inbuilt water dispenser and this helps to reduce the cost of buying the two appliances separately.

The good thing is that the dispenser usually has water filters and this is quite vital when it comes to cleaning of water.

Water filters help to remove unwanted substances that can cause diseases in water and this is why it is quite necessary for any inbuilt refrigerator with water dispenser.

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