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Instant Pot 3 Quart vs 6 Quart: Which Size Is Better?

Instant pots are quite popular in the recent days. The number of sold items has skyrocketed the roof of the market share.

But there are still some people confused about which model to consider. The reason for the skyrocketing of the kitchen appliance is due to cooking a good number of food recipes and the ease of operation.

But choosing the right size can be a daunting experience for first-time shoppers. Instant pot 3 quarts and 6 quarts tend to perform the same function but the holding capacity is the feature that sets them apart.

However, does size affect cooking time? Continue reading to find out more. The key function of the instant pot is to reduce cooking time and also the hustle of cleaning up after cooking.

The feature is the reason behind the rising popularity in the market despite the brand and the model. The comparison guide provides detailed insight into the difference between instant pot 3 quart and 6 quarts.

Take the time to read through and make an informed decision when buying the cooking appliances.

Differences between Instant Pot 3 Quart and 6 Quart

Many people find it tough to make informed decisions on the model of the instant pot to purchase. The following are some of the keys to consider when shopping for instant pot models especially 3 quarts and 6 quarts.

Number of People Served

Shopping for cooking appliances can be a difficult decision to make as the first-timer. But the number of people in the family will help you make the right options.

If you have a large family then it is advisable to consider large size instant pot and vice versa. This is the prudent way of making informed decisions when shopping for instant pot.

Instant Pot 3 Quart

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The cooking appliance is suitable for a single person or two people. The instant pot can hold one cup of rice which can suitably serve one or two people comfortably. Besides that, the pot tends to occupy a small amount of space in the kitchen.

Instant Pot 6 Quart

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The cooking instrument is comparatively bigger and it is suitable for cooking meals for three to five family members. It can hold up to three cups of rice due to the larger size.

My Thoughts

Apparently, there is no winner under this category since people buy the cooking appliance depending on the number of family members. People with large families consider 6 quarts while few members consider the 3-quart model.

Performance Difference

The instant pot is an amazing cooking appliance and it has the greatest reputation of cooking different food recipes.

Besides that, the invention of the pot was meant to reduce cooking time apart from preparing delicious and nutritious food.

However, the difference in size tends to interfere with the performance of the appliance since they work by generating steam which buildup pressure for cooking.

Instant Pot 3 Quart

The cooking gadget is the smallest in the instant pot models and it is regarded to have the highest performance when compared to others. The small size enables them to generate steam and buildup pressure faster for cooking.

Instant Pot 6 Quart

The instant pot is comparatively large in size and this tend to reduce their performance when it comes to cooking. The large size feature implies that it will take some time to generate steam and build steam for cooking.

My Thoughts

The instant pot 3 quart is the winner in the performance category. Many single people prefer the appliance due to the fast cooking experience, unlike the instant pot 6-quart model.

However, I do recommend buying an appliance that can cook a meal that can feed your family comfortably. The advancement in technology will help improve the performance of large size instant pots.

Design Difference

Instant pot models tend to come in different designs to meet the tastes and preferences of the consumers in the market. The prominent versions tend to cook quite a wide variety of food recipes. Let’s find out about the two models.

Instant Pot 3 Quart

This is a mini model that limits the amount of food to be cooked. However, the small size feature gives it the advantage of cooking in a little spaced kitchen. Besides that, it can perfectly fit in the kitchen cabinet and occupy little space on the counter.

Instant Pot 6 Quart

The instant pot is relatively larger and it is the most popular cooking appliance in the market. It can be used to feed about three to six members and prepare many food recipes. However, it takes a lot of space in the counter and cannot fit in many kitchen cabinets.

My Thoughts

The design depends on the functionality setting. The smaller design has few functionality settings when compared to larger designs.

Therefore, the instant pot 6-quart model emerges the winner under this category since it can cook wide food recipes. Choose the model that perfectly fits your cooking recipes.

Capacity Difference

The capacity of the instant pot depends on personal choice and many other considerations. However, it is advisable to pick a pot that could perfectly meet your needs and those of the family members.

Instant Pot 3 Quart

The model of the instant pot holds a little amount of food due to the size and it is regarded to be suitable for a single or two people meal. The volume of the pot tends to be relatively smaller.

Instant Pot 6 Quart

The model is quite popular and this implies it is used by many families across the country. The volume tends to be quite higher due to the large size and it can prepare food for three to six family members.

My Thoughts

Though the 3-quart version prepares food much quicker than the 6-quart model, it tends to have a low holding capacity. Therefore, many people prefer the 6-quart model due to the large holding capacity and this makes it emerge the winner in the category.

Safety Difference

Safety measures are key to consider when shopping for cooking appliances. The instant pot is generally safe but you need to handle them with precautions regardless of their sizes.

Instant Pot 3 Quart

The pot model tends to generate steam and buildup pressure quite faster than other model sizes. This happens so since it heats up quickly due to the small size. You need to open the seal carefully since the hot steam can burn the skin when it comes into contact.

Instant Pot 6 Quart

The pot model is larger in size and this implies that it will take some time to get heated. However, the steam generated after the heating results in building up strong pressure which can be quite dangerous. Handle the pot with a lot of precautions.

My Thoughts

There is no winner under the category since all the models of instant pots are quite safer for use. But people are advised to handle them with precautions to avoid the occurrence of accidents in the kitchen when cooking.

Price Difference

Price does not determine the performance and efficiency of the cooking appliance. I recommend getting on board a cooking appliance that fits the value of your money and also fits the budget.

Instant Pot 3 Quart

The instant pot model has few functionality settings and this implies that it can cook a few cooking recipes. It is the reason why their cost tends to be much lower than other models.

Instant Pot 6 Quart

The instant pot size can cook a good number of food recipes due to a large number of functionality settings. It comes with improved technology and it is the reason behind the high prices.

My thoughts

Choosing a cooking appliance is based on the value of the money. Instant pot 6 quart is large and has more functionality settings to cook several food recipes. It, therefore, emerges as the winner in the category despite the high price linked to it.

Conclusion on Instant Pot 3 Quart vs 6 Quart

Both instant pot 3 quart and 6 quarts are strong options to consider depending on the number of the family members.

If you a family of about three to six then it is worth considering the instant pot 6-quart model while those between one and two should go for instant pot 3 quart.

All in all, the two models of multi-cookers are quite effective when it comes to cooking a variety of recipes. Use the comment section below to share your views and suggestions about the cooking appliances.

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