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Why are kitchen Cabinets So Expensive

I was browsing through different kitchen cabinets types and styles yesterday and one certain style caught my eye and I quickly jumped to my computer to check the price and to my surprise these cabinets were by far more expensive than I thought.

I did my research to find out why some kitchen cabinets are expensive, only to find more people asking the same question, and in this article I  am going to state the main reasons why kitchen cabinets are pricey.

In short, the reason kitchen cabinets are so expensive is due to the amount of work and effort that goes to them, the quality of material required to make them and type of Kitchen Cabinets required.

Without wasting any more time lets jump straight to it to why kitchen cabinets are so expensive.

What Makes Kitchen Cabinets Expensive

1. Labor Cost

When it comes to building kitchen cabinets, labor  is one of the top costs simply because the work is very labor intensive and requires skill and time to make the cabinets as good as they can be.

Making a one solid piece of cabinet can take more than 6 hours to get it perfect. This type of job requires skilled workers in carpentry and that comes at  a cost.

I am not sure if this really justify the cost of cabinets but I can see why workers would demand more income for this type of work.

2. Material  Quality

The material quality will determine the price of the cabinets, material like granite and marble comes at a bigger cost.The type of wood you use for your kitchen will also have an impact on the overall cost of the cabinets for example Birch wood is cheaper than other types of wood like Maple.

plywood is at better quality for the cabinets sides and back then normal wood which wears and tears overtime.

If you are looking to save a bit of money when getting Kitchen Cabinet then I recommend you start by listing down the type of material you want for your kitchen and go for cheaper material (This does not mean poor quality but a different style).

3. Are they Custom made or Mass Produced

This plays a huge role on the final price of kitchen cabinets, mass produced cabinets are much cheaper when compared to custom made cabinets, due to the fact that big manufacturing companies uses automation and machinery to cut to increase productivity and cut down the labor cost.

Whereas Custom Made kitchen Cabinets do cost more because it requires more effort from a small number of workers who usually manually make them with little machines involved.

Labor cost more when it comes to custom made Cabinets but the upside is you get to come up with your own design that can help improve the Aesthetics of your Kitchen.

Is it Cheaper to Build Kitchen Cabinets

Custom built kitchen cabinets done by a professional, will cost you more than when you will be making the cabinets yourself, pre-made mass produced  cabinets are slightly lesser but can look really generic and compromise the looks you wanted for your kitchen.

To save some money on Kitchen Cabinets I recommend that you buy material and build them yourself, this will save you a ton of extra money that you would’ve paid someone else to do it.

It is not easy as it seems but there are many good tutorials on how to make your own cabinets and anyone can turn this into a fun DIY project.

How much does it cost to put new cabinets in a kitchen?

The average cost of installing new kitchen cabinets is between $4000 to 7000 with the high end ones going as high as $12000.

Final Thoughts on Why Kitchen Cabinets Cost so Much

I hope this article helped shed a light to the main reason why cabinets in the kitchen tend to be expensive.

2 thoughts on “Why are kitchen Cabinets So Expensive”

  1. I recently moved into a new house and had a very tough experience. Had a lot of items to replace especially in the kitchen. Small kitchen appliances are a blessing. Thankyou for sharing the article, it is very informative.

  2. For the past month Wife and I have been in search of kitchen cabinetry of decent quality at a fair price. Only found one place so far that’s close and they’re also flimsy and too expensive in my opinion. Everything we’ve looked at so far has been essentially nothing more than a cheaply made wooden boxes worth about $50 each. They tout upgrades from particle board but all the plywood models we saw were only nominal half inch thickness. Like many things in our modern world, “they don’t build ’em like they used to”. And why does it have to be like buying a new car? 30% off if you buy this. But if you don’t buy enough it’s only 20%. I don’t bother keeping track of the discounts anymore, I just compare the list prices. And why don’t they have models on the floor of exactly what they’re selling you? And why do they talk fast and try to make you feel foolish and uninformed?. If I was a cynical man I’d say it was all a scam, but I’m confident there are still honest people out there in this business — I just haven’t found them yet. As for the one positive experience I won’t tell you who they are but their product is made in Viet Nam.


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