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What is an American coffee and how to make it right?

The American coffee has been erroneously listed as a watered-down espresso. In fact, there are those who discriminate it as one of the least attractive preparations of coffee.

However, this is not the case.

In this article, I am dedicated to telling you about the origin of American coffee, what it is, and the different ways to prepare it. Well, I am willing to praise this popular way of preparing coffee. Read on and learn to enjoy it.

What is an American coffee?

The American coffee is a way of making coffee invented in Italy, diluting with water only espresso coffee. Therefore, it has a milder taste, but at the same time very different from filtered coffee.

The anecdote dates back to the 1940s when during World War II the American soldiers arrived in Europe, specifically in Italy and when they asked for coffee they were served espresso coffee.

That is, a concentrated preparation served in a small cup, very different from what they were used to since they mostly consume filtered coffee.

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So, to please the soldiers’ taste, they were served in larger cups and hot water was added to the coffee. This is where the name “American” comes from, for coffee served in a large cup of 120 or more milliliters and with a less strong infusion.

In general, when ordering an American coffee in a coffee shop, they can simply prepare it by adding water to espresso. As well, they can serve the espresso cup with a jug of hot water so that you can add it to your liking.

But this is not how they prepare coffee in North America. Popularly there they consume filtered, pour, or drip coffee. Which is a cleaner, clearer, less acidic infusion and with more accentuated nuances.

While the American coffee maintains the nuances, acidity, and bitterness so characteristic of espresso coffee, but less concentrated.

How to make an American coffee?

Recipe as such there is not one. Between baristas, different ways of preparing it have been derived. Well, believe it or not, the order of the ingredients does alter the coffee. Let’s see.

Some specialists recommend applying a 1: 2 ratio of espresso and water. Although this depends a lot on the intensity of the espresso.

Adding water to coffee

There are those who propose to prepare the espresso and then add water that does not exceed a temperature of 75 ° C. You will notice that this simple preparation breaks the texture or body when adding the water, leaving it with a watery appearance. However, if you respect the 1: 2 measurements, it should not be low in flavor.

Pouring coffee into the water

Another way to prepare is when preparing the espresso with the machine, to drop the infusion into the cup with the water already served. You will notice that the water will receive the coffee cream as an ink, without changing its body, unless you mix it with a spoon. It is much better presented and with a consistent appearance.

Handling the infusion

It is about using the espresso machine to obtain an American coffee. When using the double coffee holder, but adding a single portion of ground coffee and letting it infuse until completing a large cup. You get a coffee with a mild espresso flavor.

Differences between American coffee and espresso

The main difference between American coffee and espresso lies in the preparation methods.

Espresso coffee is prepared under the effects of pressure and temperature, which manage to extract strong and dense nuances of flavor, color, and texture. In fact, the espresso crema is the basis for the preparation of other recipes such as cappuccino, lattes, among others.

For its preparation, I recommend using coffee with sweet and chocolate nuances from Colombia or Brazil. American coffee is an espresso coffee diluted with water in 1: 2 to 1: 1 measurement. Let’s say you keep the flavor profile on a smaller scale. Therefore, it is more acidic and bitter in taste than filtered coffee.

Filtered or American coffee (as it is popularly prepared in the region) is coffee infused in drip or pour-over coffee machines, such as Chemex or V60, with a very pleasant experience to taste. For this way of preparing, take advantage of the grains of a good wash from Kenya, Ethiopia, with more nuances of fruits and flowers. Finally, I remind you that the best experience for good American coffee lovers is gained by using fresh coffee, with variations in times and temperatures, until you achieve your own extraction profile. By the way, you leave me your own recipe in the comment and share it on social networks.

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