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Can You Eat Shrimp Shells? (What You Should Know)

can you eat shrimp shell

If you eat some certain type of cuisine, then you probably haven’t eaten a shrimp shell. Served in many cuisines worldwide, Shrimp has an appealing look when done and tastes very delicious when prepared the right way. But, the shells of the seafood might appear as a hindrance to savoring the inner tender meat. (not …

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5 Awesome Ways to Clean a Glass Kettle (Ultimate Guide)

cleaning a glass kettle

Many people love using their kitchen appliances, but when they get dirty, sometimes it becomes impossible to clean them. A kettle is one of the best examples of this because it’s primarily made out of glass! Following these different methods should help you maintain your kettle and prevent any further build-up in the future. Let’s …

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Oven Making a Clicking Noise (Common Causes & Solution)

clicking noise from oven

Ovens can be noisy at times even when they are not plugged in. When the oven clicks, it is usually caused by a faulty switch, broken oven timer, or temperature regulation. In either case, the symptoms normally manifest themselves as a clicking noise that sounds like a lightbulb from far away. In this article, we …

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How Long Do Samsung Refrigerators Last (Average Lifespan)

how long do samsung fridges last

Samsung refrigerators are some of the most popular brands on the market, but how long do Samsung refrigerators last? In this article, I am going to be covering all of the relevant details you need to know about the longevity of this excellent brand of refrigerators. How long do Samsung refrigerators last? In short, On …

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Different Types of Microwaves

types of microve

There are many types of microwaves, but for the purpose of this article, they will be grouped into two categories: convection and microwave ovens. Brief History of Microwave Ovens Microwave ovens have been around since 1966 when a US Navy engineer named Percy Spencer discovered that he could make water molecules in milk move at …

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Induction vs Gas stove

comparing gas stove to induction

In this article, I am going to compare the two of the most popular types of stoves are which are induction stoves and gas stoves. Induction is a technology that allows energy to flow through a magnetic field into a coil, which generates heat in the process. In contrast, gas heating uses available gas and …

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Why are Refrigerators so Expensive?

why are refrigerators so expensive

Refrigerators are often among the most expensive household purchases. So why are they so pricey? refrigerator prices vary depending on the size and efficiency of the fridge. Unit prices also range wildly, with more expensive, larger fridges being worth it for families with lots of food items to keep cold. Additionally, refrigerators that require a …

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How Long Does it Take for an Oven to Cool Down?

time it takes for an oven to cool

An oven is designed to keep a constant temperature. The thermostat measures the temperature and turns the heating element on or off accordingly so that the oven will maintain its set temperature. This also influences how long it takes for an oven to cool down, This article aims to shed the light on the time …

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Sesame Chicken vs General Tso

comparison between sasame and general tso chicken

Sesame Chicken vs General Tso is a debate that has been raging for quite some time now. In this article, I attempt to resolve this argument by examining the pluses and minuses of each dish. What is the difference? You’ll just have to read on! What is Sesame Chicken? Sesame chicken is a dish of …

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Different Types of Refrigerators

different fridges

As Time goes by and technology advancing new kinds of refrigerators hit the market on a regular basis. This means one thing for the consumer: Sorting through refrigerators on the market and knowing which one is best for your needs. In this article, will be sharing 10 different types of refrigerators you should know about …

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Can You Use a Wok on an Electric Stove?

does a wok work on an electric stove?

One of the most common questions I usually get is “can you use a wok on an electric stove?” and this article aims to answer exactly that! A wok can be used on an electric stovetop. The one thing to be aware of is the shape of the stovetop. Modern stoves often feature a flat …

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Carbon Steel vs Stainless Steel Wok

stainless steel vs carbon steel wok

You could use a wok with a nonstick surface, but if you’re after the traditional dim sum flavor in your home cooking, carbon steel is the way to go. The only downside is that it will require more frequent seasoning and upkeep than stainless steel. Aside from this minor inconvenience, there’s really not much difference …

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Immersion Blender Uses

hand blender common uses

An immersion blender often referred to as a hand blender or stick blender, is a small, handheld appliance used for stirring and blending food that requires smooth or thickening sauces. It’s most commonly used in the preparation of soups and sauces. In this article, we are going to look more into detail what you can …

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Different Types of Stoves

different types of stoves

When looking for a stove, you’ll find that there are many different types to choose from. It can be hard to know which one is best for your cooking needs. Different Types of Stoves 1. Wood-burning stoves Wood-burning stoves are the traditional stove. Wood burns hot and has a rich, smoky flame that provides a …

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Do Creamers Need to be Refrigerated?

can you put a coffee cream in the fridge

Creamers are a type of coffee creamer that is usually made out of either butter, vegetable oil, or some combination thereof. No refrigeration is necessary for creamers because the ingredients in them are all-natural and do not spoil quickly, so they are more stable than cream and milk. That being said, many people find it …

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Barbacoa vs Carnitas (What’s the Real Difference)

carnitas vs barbacoa

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have been experimenting with different ways of cooking meat that could provide them with nutrient-rich food. In more recent years, we’ve experimented with different ways to make our food taste better and healthier. In this article, we are going to look at two of the most well-known foods and …

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How Long Does Cake Last in the Fridge?

low long does a cake last in the refrigerator

A cake is a delicious treat, but just how long does cake last in the fridge? It’s not just that cake will taste better and might last longer with a layer of frosting or topping, but knowing when to save it for impromptu guests is important. As for how long you can expect a cake …

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Can You Boil Eggs in an Electric Kettle?

can you boil eggs in an electric kettle

One of the most important questions you’ll learn how to answer at your next dinner party is: “Can you boil eggs in an electric kettle?” That’s right! With this simple little trick, you can plop those boiled eggs on top of your freshly buttered toast without worrying about pots and pans all night long. All …

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Are Refrigerators Fireproof?

can refrigerators cause fire

In the U.S., an average of 172,900 (per year) fires occur in the kitchen. Firefighters are called to extinguish a kitchen fire every few minutes on average. These fires can easily spread and cause damage to other parts of the home. While cooking tops the list of common causes of kitchen fires, faulty wiring is …

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How Do You Get Stains Out of Plastic Food Containers?

get rid of stains on food containers

Plastic containers are great for storing leftovers and bringing lunch to work, but they can accumulate stains from food, water, and other accidents. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to get these stubborn stains out of your plastic containers. There are three different methods that you can use to wash the inside of a plastic container …

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Can You Recycle Plastic Containers?

can food plastic containers be recycled

You might have the impression that anything plastic can be recycled, but unfortunately, that isn’t entirely true. While it’s true that most plastics put out on the curb for curbside recycling are accepted by your local waste management company, there’s also a variety of plastics that just can’t be recycled and should either go in …

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Are Rubbermaid Plastic Containers Microwave Safe?

rubbermaid plastic containers

It’s important to confirm if your Rubbermaid food storage container can withstand microwave heating. Some containers are not made to withstand microwave heat and using them for this purpose can cause degradation to the product and even worse leak out of the food. Since most household microwaves are designed for warming or reheating leftovers, having …

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