Top Seasonings for a Flavorful Year: What Redditors Choose Beyond Salt and Pepper

Discover the third seasoning Reddit users can’t live without for a whole year!

Have you ever wondered what seasoning you would choose if you were only allowed three for an entire year? Dive into Reddit users’ top picks beyond salt and pepper!


  • From Indian spices to smoked paprika, Reddit users showcase a diverse range of preferred seasonings.
  • Some opt for classic choices like garlic, while others get creative with fresh herbs and citrus peel.
  • Debates spark over the definition of ‘seasoning,’ with some users pushing the boundaries.

Garlic Lovers Unite

Many users, like Assholesfullofelbows, opt for the classic and flavorful choice of garlic or garlic powder. It’s a staple in numerous cuisines and adds depth to dishes.

Spice It Up with Cumin

For fans of warm and earthy flavors, cumin is a popular choice, as mentioned by several Redditors like Encartrus and salix620. Its versatility makes it a go-to seasoning for many dishes.

Creative Twists with Fresh Ingredients

Some users, like riverrocks452, prefer the option to use fresh products like herbs, chilies, and alliums, opting for seasonings like cinnamon. This choice showcases the diverse interpretations of seasoning.