How to Store Berries in the Fridge: Tips and Tricks

Discover effective methods for maintaining the freshness of berries in your fridge.

This post discusses different methods for storing berries in the fridge to prevent mold and prolong freshness. Users share their experiences with washing and drying techniques, airtight containers, and the importance of moisture control. Discover tips from food industry professionals and avid home cooks on how to best preserve your berries!


  • Washing berries before storing can lead to mold growth due to excess moisture.
  • Properly rinsing and drying berries before storing in an airtight container with paper towels can extend their shelf life.
  • Avoid washing delicate berries like raspberries and handle them minimally to prevent damage.
  • Air circulation, paper towels, and moisture control are essential for preventing mold growth in berries.

Debunking Washing Methods

Many users caution against washing berries before storage, as excess moisture can accelerate mold growth. Food industry workers highlight the delicate nature of berries and recommend minimal handling to preserve their freshness.

Drying Techniques

Some users suggest rinsing berries and fully drying them before placing them in an airtight container with paper towels. Properly dried berries are less likely to develop mold and can last longer than those stored in clamshell containers.

Moisture Control and Storage

Ensuring berries are completely dry before storage, using paper towels to absorb excess moisture, and storing them in glass containers help maintain freshness. Users share various methods, including using a salad spinner and airtight storage containers, to extend the shelf life of berries.