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Nutribullet Stuck: How to fix it

Is your Nutribullet stuck? here is how to fix it. Be rest assured you are not the only one. We will take you through on how to fix it.

If your blades are stuck and you smell burning wire you must immediately unplug your Nutribullet. Allow it to cool down for at least an hour. Unplugging it and letting it cool allows it to reset. Thereafter it should be functioning normally. Always try using Nutribullet for not more than one minute continuously.

There are other ways your Nutribullet can be stuck and we will show you how to solve each particular case.

Nutribullet Activators Stuck

Should you find your activators stuck there is a quick easy solution. Usually you will notice this when attempting to attach the cup or jug and it just won’t slide in perfectly.

There is a quick easy and easy solution for that. What normally causes this is when something sticky gets inside there from use over time. To sort this out is very easy.

You will need a cotton q-tip, alcohol and a butter knife. First step is to dip the q-tip in alcohol. Rub the activators using the q-tip. The alcohol will begin to dissolve anything that might be causing the stickiness.

At this point get your knife and place it on the edge of the circumference such that the tip of the blade touches the activator.

Press your knife down using the circumference as leverage while the tip pushes the activator down. By doing this your problem should be solved.

If it is still stuck add a little bit more alcohol and do the same procedure again. You should have the activators unstuck.Test by placing your cup or jug. It should lock in.

Nutribullet will not press down

This can be as a result of activators that are stuck as we spoke about in the previous section. There is also another simple reason that will probably make you kick yourself.

The lip ring can sometimes fall into the power base opening where you place your jug or cup to lock it in. It is sometimes difficult to see because the colour is similar to the inside. Solving this is very simple. All you need to do is take a fork and slide it and pull the ring out.

How to avoid Nutribullet activators getting stuck

The primary reason activators get stuck is leakage of juices, smoothies or soups. To avoid this is very easy. When you load your ingredients into your cup or jug take good care on how you close it.

Place your cap on the cup then swoosh it such that it spins as it closes. When it comes to a stop you want to twist it just a little to lock. You will notice a squeak sound as you twist it.

That sound indicates that it has locked and it is tightly sealed. Twisting beyond that is what usually causes the leaking. Just swoosh, spin and twist then you are good to go.

Cup stuck to power base

This is a common issue that most people face but it is easy to troubleshoot. You can do it in four easy steps. Firstly you want to unplug the unit from the wall socket.

Secondly you should turn the whole unit upside down with the cup still attached. While the whole unit is still upside down your third step is to tap the bottom of the cup gently on the counter a few times. The last step is twisting the cup anti-clockwise and it should immediately pop out.

Removing a stuck Nutribullet Blade

assembly The blade assembly is the same unit part that acts as a lid on the Nutribullet. In some cases while you are blending a vacuum can be created inside.

This vacuum will cause the lid to be stuck and difficult to remove. This is not an issue at all. You just need a bowl big enough to fit the cup or jug.

Fill up the bowl with hot or warm water. You have to place the cup inside this warm or hot water. If you leave it for a few minutes the air inside the cup will begin to expand. You should be able to easily open after this procedure.

When blades are not cutting or blending

This usually is caused by a few things that are easy to solve. Always make sure you do not exceed the maximum capacity of your cup before you start blending.

There is a max line marked out on all the cups. Always keep your ingredients at or below that line. Another reason why this may be happening is because of food items that may be stuck in the blades.

To solve this problem you must unplug your unit first. Take out your cup and remove the lid. Take out the blade then remove any excess food stuck on it.

Replace your blade and continue with your blend. Lastly, your blades must just be too blunt now to do a great job. After continued use eventually your blades lose their edge.

You simply have to replace your old blades with new ones. Replacements can be found on Amazon including all your other Nutribullet accessories.

Conclusion on troubleshooting a stuck Nutribullet

Nutribullet is a life saver and I believe everyone should have one since it makes making smoothies a walk in a park besides that nutribullet can do other things like grinding coffee and crushing ice and more.

I hope you do not ever get stuck again. Remember to avoid any form of leakage and always refer to your user manual for your everyday use when you are not sure of something. You should have no problems at all if you carefully follow it. Happy blending!!

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