Coffee Machine Recycling (What You Should Know)

We use Coffee machines to brew that first cup of coffee easily. And since it’s an everyday kitchen appliance, you can’t expect the coffee maker to last forever. When your Coffee machine is no longer functioning, do you throw them in the garbage? Or do you recycle them? If the latter, how do you go …

We use Coffee machines to brew that first cup of coffee easily. And since it’s an everyday kitchen appliance, you can’t expect the coffee maker to last forever. When your Coffee machine is no longer functioning, do you throw them in the garbage? Or do you recycle them? If the latter, how do you go about it?

I have put together this quick article to answer all questions about your old Coffee machines. Let’s begin with things you can use your old coffee machine for after it has served its primary purpose.

What Can You Do With Your Old Coffee Machine?

The common thing many coffee machine owners do to their old appliances is to donate them. It may sound cliché but it is actually the first thing I’d recommend you do to any kitchen appliance you no longer use – give it to someone in need of it.

It is easy to presume that people who are wondering about what to do with old Coffee machines are those who just bought a new coffee maker to upgrade the existing one. So, if the old coffee machine still works, the best way is to donate it to someone in need.

Alternatively, you can consider taking it to your waste company (if they accept e-waste) or donating it to a charitable organization like GoodWill.

If it is a large office environment that needs to dispose of coffee machines frequently, like every six months, then the management can hire a junk removal company like Loadup or consider returning the machine to the store where they bought it in large quantities. But is tossing the appliance into the garbage an option?

Can Coffee Makers Be Put in Garbage?

Coffee makers are termed e-waste (electronic waste). Hence, it is not ideal to dispose of the appliance in the curbside bin or Garbage. Many states have special disposal and recycling laws for electronic items that underline this position.

This is because the presence of Coffee makers in the garbage can pose hazardous effects. The same is true for disposing of similar kitchen appliances like toasters, and microwave ovens. Even Hot plates, microscopes, calorimeters, Computer monitors, and televisions are not to be put into the Garbage.

How Do You Dispose of Coffee Maker?

If your Coffee Maker is in a bad shape such that you can’t give it out, disposing of it may be the only option. It could be that the appliance broke entirely, had a cracked heating plate, fell off the counter, or was simply damaged beyond repair.

In such cases, you’d want to dispose of it through recycling opportunities. To do this, first, visit the website of your waste management provider to confirm their instructions for small appliances including coffee makers.

If there are no specifications on what to do with a damaged espresso or coffee maker, then it is safe to dispose of the appliance by throwing it in the trash can.

But if the coffee maker is made of metal, it is best to throw it into the recycle bin or visit a scrap yard where you stand a chance to make a few bucks for metal by pound off your old espresso machine.

Can Coffee Makers Be Recycled?

Since Coffee makers are classified as e-waste, they can be recycled for new functionality. Recycling is a better option compared to putting the appliance in a waste bin.

In the office where I work, about seven staff members, on average, use the coffee maker every day for the entire week. As you’d expect, the appliance works more overtime than the one seated on the kitchen counter at home and so, the company does the frequent replacement of the coffee maker.

We decide to go green and so they remit the old machines to a contracted recycling company that occasionally comes around to take old machines. As an individual, you may now be wondering where you can recycle your old coffee makers. This leads us to the next line of thought.

Where Can You Recycle Coffee Makers?

Chances are the city where you live has various drop-off centers where you can recycle small appliances like Coffee machines. Examples of places where you can go to recycle your Coffee Makers include:

  • GoodWill industries stores around you
  • Staples
  • Best Buy
  • Home Depot
  • The local store where you got the Coffee Maker from (does not include Amazon)

Goodwill Industries is a big player in e-waste recycling and they have outlets that accept even non-working appliances. The company even struck a deal with Dell, allowing its users to bring in computer e-waste for recycling.

The challenge you may face when contacting any of these recycling plugs is that they may not include small kitchen appliances on the list of accepted items. However, since they are huge players in the recycling business, it is worth your shot.

As for Best Buy, their recycling program explicitly outlines that coffee makers are not accepted. But they have listed the other things that they will recycle if you bring them to them (and the things they won’t accept.) You can access the list HERE.

What to Do With Coffee Pods?

The popular alternative thing to do with Coffee Pods aside from its primary teabag function centers around floral or gardening purposes. If you don’t know what to do with Coffee Pods, consider using them as a seed starter. To do this, you only have to add a base layer of garden soil into the cup, and then put in the plant seeds. Afterward, plant the pods in your garden.

The Coffee pods are nutrient-filled and will improve water retention in the soil, encourage drainage, and improve aeration, all of which are necessary for a healthy growing plant.

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Final Thoughts

The fate of an old coffee maker is not limited to disposing of it or subjecting it to recycling purposes. You can remove the electronic parts of the appliance and convert it to a modern flower pot.

If the espresso machine is made by a brand that accepts appliances that no longer work, then you can dispose of it through that means.

You can even consider taking the appliance to recycling centers nearest to you instead of throwing it into the garbage.

Coffee Machine Recycling is becoming a topical issue given the rise of coffee consumption and the growth of the home appliance market.

If you have been wondering about what to do with your old coffee maker, I hope this article helped. Then, share with a friend.