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Arabica vs Robusta: 7 Differences + Which type is the best?

There are two main varieties of coffee beans. There are Arabica coffee beans and Robusta beans.

Both coffee beans give rise to unforgettable experiences inside the cups.

However, they have many differences from each other.

You may not know what type of bean you are drinking, but in this post, we are not only going to tell you about the differences between Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee, but we will also try to answer the million-dollar question: what type of bean is better?


It appeared around the year 800 in Ethiopia. The Arabica type of grain is or known as the first type of grain on record.

Generally, its growing environment occurs in mountainous plains and it blooms, almost always, after a good rainy season.

The Arabica coffee plant is capable of producing approximately (and only) one kilo of coffee per year.

Still, 70% of the world coffee market is of this variety.


It is estimated that only around the year 1800 this variety saw its birth in Africa, more precisely in the Congo.

If the Arabica variety grows in mountainous plains, the robust variety does not need as much height for its production.

It is a large plant much more resistant than Arabica. It has virtually no difficulty in enduring long periods of droughts and often copes with any difficulties that may arise.

Obviously, only 30% of the world coffee market is robusta.

Arabica vs Robusta: The Differences

Let’s now look at the fundamental differences between these two types of coffee beans.
1. Differences in the seed

The Arabica seed is much flatter and longer. Also, unlike the Robusta, it has a much more zigzagging groove than the Robusta variety.

On the other hand, the robust variety grain is much more circular and even.

2. Differences in shape

As we already mentioned, Robusta beans are more even and circular than Arabica beans.

3. Differences in color

The Arabica seed has a more intense hue that can vary from brown, green, and even bluish tones.

The color of robusta coffee is always brown, but it is a soft brown, not at all intense.

4. Destination of the grain

The Arabica variety, having so many aromatic notes, is much more manageable for the production of different types of specialty coffees.

On the other hand, for the most part, the robust variety is almost always destined for the production of instant coffee.

This is because its flavor is much more homogeneous and even.

Also, because the robust variety has twice the caffeine, it is often used as a reinforcement for the preparation of espresso coffee.

5. Growing conditions

The Arabica coffee plant is much more fragile, this causes it to have to be very careful against possible dangers such as pests and/or against possible strong climatic changes.

The Arabica variety needs at least 900 meters of height for its optimal growth and to be able to bring out all its properties.

6. Price

Due to its fragility and its remarkable flavor and aromatic characteristics, Arabica coffee makes it a more expensive species in terms of its real market price.

The price of robusta coffee is much more accessible and cheaper to produce.

Hence, many of the instant coffees that we see in the supermarket are so cheap.

7. Flavor

The flavor of Arabica coffee is superior in terms of flavors and aromas.

Is Arabica the best type of grain?

Yes, without a doubt. The arabica coffee variety is much more flavorful, aromatic and powerful than the robusta variety.

If you prefer instant coffee or strong espresso, your preferences may be different, but in terms of bean characteristics, the Arabica variety is far superior to the robust variety.

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