13 Creative Grilled Cheese Recipes on a Budget

Looking for cheap meal ideas? Check out these creative grilled cheese recipes made with simple ingredients!

When you’re eating poor to save every penny you’ve got for big expenses coming up, you get creative with grill cheese sandwiches- I always forget how much I love a good tomato and cheese sandwich. I’d add ham if I had it.


  • Simple ingredients can be transformed into delicious grilled cheese variations.
  • Creative toppings like caramelized onions, pickles, and different types of cheese can elevate the classic sandwich.
  • Volunteering at a food bank can also provide access to surplus ingredients for cooking.
  • Experimenting with various condiments and fillings can lead to surprising flavor combinations.
  • Top Grilled Cheese Ideas

    Life-is-thunder suggests caramelizing onions and green apples for a sharp cheddar grilled cheese to add a unique twist to the dish. Zomboi recommends volunteering at a food bank to access surplus ingredients and experiment with different fillings.

    Freakiemom proposes using any cheese and jelly combination, such as spicy pepper jelly and havarti on sourdough, for a flavorful grilled cheese variation. Jonswif suggests adding mustard and pickles to grilled cheese sandwiches for a tangy kick.

    Ladynocaps2 recommends caramelized onions or onion relish for added sweetness and depth of flavor. QueenPlum_ suggests treating the grilled cheese like a quesadilla and adding sauteed vegetables, grains, and beans for a deluxe version.

    Favorite Flavors

    Frumpy-frog shares a unique combination of sharp cheddar and peanut butter for a savory and nutty grilled cheese. Thejadsel recommends using sauerkraut or kimchi for a flavor and texture contrast similar to pickles. Sixinthebed enjoys grilled cheese with dijon and apple slices, mozzarella and pizza sauce, or pesto and spinach.

    Bananapeeleyelids appreciates the idea of frying both sides of the bread for extra crunch. Sharksarefuckingcool suggests tuna for a tuna melt or grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a new twist.

    ForsakenGarlic904 enjoys pickled beetroot in grilled cheese for a sweet and tangy flavor. Mauvenare likes using multiple types of cheese, such as American, provolone, and soft cheeses, for a rich and creamy texture.

    Rave Reviews

    NeighborhoodTall9858 loves sliced pickles in grilled cheese for a refreshing and tangy bite. Try these creative grilled cheese ideas to elevate your budget-friendly meals and discover new flavor combinations!