Why Your Homemade Strawberry Syrup Tastes Artificial

Learn the secrets to making homemade strawberry syrup taste fresh, not artificial.

Discover why your homemade strawberry syrup may be tasting artificial, and how to fix it to achieve that fresh flavor you desire.


  • Traditional cooking methods may be stripping the freshness from your strawberries.
  • Consider macerating strawberries for a more genuine flavor profile.
  • Avoid overcooking and excessive sugar in your syrup creation.

RainMakerJMR’s Pro Chef Tip

According to RainMakerJMR, cooking the berries may be the root cause of the artificial taste. Instead, try making simple syrup, then adding the berries and pureeing them immediately for a fresher taste.

AlehCemy’s Homemade Approach

AlehCemy suggests macerating strawberries in sugar for a more authentic flavor rather than simmering them. Cooking can alter the taste, so a fresh approach may be the key.

Properfoxes’ Fresh Technique

Properfoxes recommends a fresh macerated strawberry syrup method that involves simply chopping strawberries, adding sugar, and letting them sit to draw out the liquid for a fresher syrup.