Why Your Bone Broth Didn’t Congeal and How to Fix It

Learn why your bone broth didn’t congeal and discover expert tips to make it perfect next time!

Have you ever made bone broth that didn’t congeal? Let’s dive into why it might have happened and how to avoid it next time.


  • Acid can prevent gelatin from forming in the broth.
  • Consider adding chicken feet for improved flavor and texture.
  • Joint bones and skin help create a gelatinous stock.
  • Long cooking times may not be necessary for bone broth.

Expert Tips

Adding acid to your bone broth may hinder the gelatin formation, so it’s best to omit it.

Using chicken feet and joint bones can enhance the gelatin content, resulting in a richer texture.

Experiment with different bone types and include skin for a more gelatinous stock.

User Insights

Many users highlighted the importance of using connective tissues like cartilage to achieve that coveted gelatinous texture in bone broth.

Some recommended broiling oxtails to break down the connective tissues for a flavorful, sticky broth.

Overall, a combination of bones, joints, and skin can ensure your bone broth congeals perfectly.