Why is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Prices Soaring: Understanding the Market Forces

Discover why the price of EVOO has skyrocketed and how it’s impacting consumers.

Have you noticed the steep rise in prices of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)? Reddit users share their observations, attributing the spike to global factors affecting supply.


  • Demand for EVOO has surged due to a decrease in global production.
  • Climate change and wildfires in olive-producing countries have impacted the supply chain.
  • The market forces of supply and demand are pushing prices higher, causing concern among consumers.

Insight into the Price Surge

Users highlighted the impact of wildfires in Greece, reduced production in Spain, and erratic weather patterns affecting olive groves worldwide. These factors have led to a scarcity of high-quality EVOO, prompting suppliers to increase prices to meet demand.

Consumer Reactions

Some users, like Barneyk, noted a significant price hike, with their favorite olive oil now triple its original cost. Others, such as Tricky_Condition_279, mentioned that while California EVOO remains pricey, they haven’t observed a recent increase in price.

Market Dynamics

Gravehooter provided insights into the economic principles of supply and demand driving the price surge. With a dwindling supply and consistent demand, companies have exploited the situation to maintain higher prices, reflecting the essence of capitalism.