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Why is Coffee So Hot ?(Things to Know)

In many homes and the food service industries, hot coffee drinks (unlike cold brews) are prepared using hot water at a very high temperature.

Why is coffee so hot? The main reason is that heat is equated to freshness when it comes to coffee drinks. Hot water at a high temperature is required to brew coffee.

Hot coffee was found to have higher levels of antioxidants than cold brew, which makes it slightly more healthy. This is important because antioxidants are responsible for the health benefits you get from coffee.

According to Dr. Nikola Djordjevic, MD from DisturbMeNot, the benefits of antioxidants in coffee include a lower risk of cancer, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, and premature death.

Coffee can be very beneficial to your health because it’s a good source of antioxidants, which help to protect you from many diseases.

A cup of coffee drinks can actually help you kick start your day positively.

What is the correct temperature for serving coffee?

Coffee is best served at a temperature between 155ºF and 175ºF (70ºC to 80ºC). Most people prefer it towards the higher end, at about 175ºF.

Do you remember that lawsuit that McDonald lost when a customer scalded herself after she spilled some of her coffee?

Some time ago, Mcdonald’s manual for its employees stated that coffee should be served at “195 to 205 degrees and held at 180 to 190 degrees for optimal taste.”

As they discovered when they lost the case, that was too hot.

You won’t go far wrong at 175ºF.

Is boiling water too hot for coffee?

A boiling water temperature is around 202-206 degrees Fahrenheit. So pouring boiling water directly into your cup of coffee can cause them to extract too much, which could lead to a very bitter taste.

Can boiling water burn your coffee?
Actually, most traditional recipes advise letting the water cool down a little before pouring it into your cup of coffee. Boiling water (212 F – 100 C) should never be used, because, it will burn your coffee.

So, boiling water that hot can be harmful to your coffee and can actually burn your tongue in a single sip.

it’s advisable to allow the water to cool off for a little while before pouring it into your cup of coffee.

Does hotter water make stronger coffee?

Absolutely Yes, Water at a very high-temperature increases extraction yields, in simple terms it means a higher percentage of the element is extracted from the coffee.

Brewing coffee at a very high temperature compromises the flavor of the coffee, and then it leads to a bitter taste.

How do you boil water for coffee?

Depending on the number of cups you intend to make, measure the amount of water and pour it into your kettle, add the proper amount of coffee ground for the number of cups, stir, and allow the water to boil for about two minutes.

How to drink hot coffee without burning yourself

It’s simple you have to be patient, taste the temperature with your lips, if it feels warm then it’s ok to drink because your lips are thicker than your tongue.
Another way to cool a hot beverage down is by spinning the drink inside the cup, this method makes the hotness of the coffee drops rapidly. If the cup is too full you can stir gently with your teaspoon.

If you want to have a taste of your coffee without following the methods above, you can easily use your teaspoon and sip it from there too.

Extra tips.

I drink hot coffee drinks almost every day. Sometimes they seem hotter than other days, and many cafes serve their drinks “extra hot” if I buy my drink.

I’ll share a secret: Overly hot drinks can hide poor quality. Nobody says you have to suffer to enjoy your hot drink, and a good quality drink will taste good hot, or cool. So let your drink cool to an enjoyable temperature. Use cold milk to cool, or even ice to cool.

Can you sue for hot coffee?

Yes, you can, as mentioned above regarding the lawsuit filed against McDonalds, whether you spilled a steaming hot cup of coffee at a restaurant or purchased it to consume at home, you may file a legal action for injuries if the cup was defective.

How do I make my coffee richer?

To make your coffee richer, just increase the number of coffee grounds used without altering the amount of water, this will alter the ratio and make a strong coffee. Most brew methods use a coffee-water ratio that falls between 1:18 and 1:16 (1 part coffee and 18 to 16 parts water).

Final Thoughts

Coffee, as we all know, is one of the most consumed drinks in the world, the aim of this article Is to guide you, we all enjoy our coffee drink differently either hot, warm or cold the choice is yours.

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