Why Does Chicken Give You a Metallic Taste? Exploring Reddit’s Theories

Discover why some people get a metallic taste after eating chicken and the interesting theories Reddit users have.

Ever wondered why chicken sometimes leaves you with a strange metallic taste in your mouth the next day?


  • Users suggest it could be mild allergies or reactions to different diets.
  • Some speculate about the cooking methods or materials used.
  • Others raise concerns about potential health issues or the source of the chicken.

Users’ Reactions

Some users pointed out that a metallic taste could indicate a mild allergy or a reaction to a different diet. Others questioned the cooking methods, such as marinating in reactive metals like aluminum or using acidic ingredients. Several users mentioned health concerns and advised consulting a doctor for further investigation.

Alternative Explanations

Interestingly, some users suggested that the metallic taste could be due to the chicken’s diet or even the use of lab-grown meat. One user humorously mentioned the possibility of the body warning against consuming exclusively lab-grown meat.

Cooking Tips

Some users recommended trying different cooking methods or equipment to see if the metallic taste persists. Suggestions included changing the storage containers, avoiding acidic marinades with reactive metals, and exploring alternative cooking techniques.