Why are Vitamix so Expensive? [The 7 Real Reason]

The Vitamix is an amazing piece of equipment, no doubt, but why is Vitamix so expensive? I answer that and more in this article so if you were wondering why you have to fork out so much on a Vitamix, then I will help you understand all this and more. The Vitamix is a great …

The Vitamix is an amazing piece of equipment, no doubt, but why is Vitamix so expensive? I answer that and more in this article so if you were wondering why you have to fork out so much on a Vitamix, then I will help you understand all this and more.

The Vitamix is a great kitchen tool that has virtually replaced and, in some cases, even displaced standard kitchen gadgets.

You can do so much with it that it is not sufficient to classify it as a food processor or blender because it is both and more.

Just like any great piece of engineering, it is a quality product and quality comes at a price. We will talk more about this as we progress.

Look at it as buying any luxury European or American automobile. You may pay a lot for it upfront but the driving experience, luxury, and overall features make it worth the investment.

1. Almost 100 years of Great Engineering

The Vitamix company was founded in 1921 and has close to 100 years of history and research and development. They have a great reputation for making quality products that can go the distance.

In fact, grandparents have gifted their grandkids with Vitamix machines that they have owned for decades. A friend of mine recently sold her Vitamix which she had owned for 10 years at almost the same price she got it for.

That says a lot about its reputation if someone is willing to pay that much for a used kitchen appliance.

2. Quality End Product

There have been many tests done on the internet where the Vitamix has been compared against other similar appliances through a range of tasks. The Vitamix has, by and large, come out head and shoulders above its competition.

3. Multi-Function

The Vitamix is a multi-function machine that can, among other things, blend, process food, make hot soup, grind meat, grind the coffee, mix the dough and a lot of other things.

The Vitamix range of appliances was originally created by the founder as a way of encouraging healthy eating habits.

The word Vita in Vitamix stands for life highlighting the intentions of the founder to create a product that promoted life. Starting off as a blender, it has since taken on many other functions as already stated and there are not many series of Vitamix catering to different functions.

Not only is it found in the home but in many restaurants and places like Starbucks. Because it can now do so many other things, it has taken away the need for a lot of kitchen appliances.

Instead of looking at it as one expensive machine, look at it from the point of view of how much money and space you will save in the kitchen from buying one instead of eight appliances.

4. Quality Materials and Finishes

The materials used to build the Vitamix components are top-notch and engineered to last for decades. As we all know, quality comes at a price and you will definitely appreciate this fact once you see how durable and versatile it is.

5. Technology

The Vitamix has 3 different series depending on use and tastes. If you are the tech-savvy type, then the Smart Series line is for you.

It has all the bells and whistles that you would want. It has touch screen controls and a timer. It also comes with a digital scale and smart app linked to the scale which tells you the exact measurements for specific recipes.

6. Longer Warranty

Depending on the model you are buying, you get a 6 to 10-year warranty. If you get a fault within this period, Vitamix will fix your unit for you and you also get free shipping both ways. Few brands can beat this offer from Vitamix which shows you the level of confidence they have in the quality of their product.

7. Powerful Motor

The low-end Vitamix comes with a 2HP motor meaning that you get powerful best blending power. The other mid and top tier series come with a 2.2HP motor which is better suited for commercial use and for large quantities.

How to Get a Vitamix Cheaper

Even though the Vitamix is quite expensive to buy, you can still get them for a relatively low price. You can get a reconditioned Vitamix for as much as half the price of a brand new one.

As we have already stated in this article, the Vitamix lasts for decades and is an investment well worth making. Buying a reconditioned Vitamix is basically like buying a new one because Vitamix does the reconditioning themselves.

Conclusion on why Vitamix blenders are expensive

To close this off, I want to share a little story that I heard from a speaker. He was sharing on the difference between cost and price and this is how he went about it.

He said, imagine your friend buys a bike for his child and he pays $300 for a top of the range, quality model. You decide to get your child one as well but you find a great “deal”.

For $150 you get a bike which looks almost the same as the bike your friend bought. About a month later, you come home and you find your child crying because the handlebars broke.

You take it to be fixed for $50 and all is right with the world again. 2 months later, you have to replace the tires because the ones which came with the bike were cheap quality and were now worn out.

You spend another $50 to replace these. Still another 2 months later, the bike develops another problem and you spend $60 on that.

Within 2 years, you have spent an additional $350 on the bike. One day over lunch you are talking with your friend bemoaning how the bikes they make these days aren’t like the ones they used to make and you tell your friend how much more money you have had to spend on the bike you bought your son.