What’s the Deal with Mashed Potatoes in Desserts? A Middle Eastern Twist

Discover the mystery behind why some recipes call for mashed potatoes in desserts and pastry dough. Let’s explore!

A user is puzzled by a recipe that calls for mashed potatoes in a Middle Eastern dessert. They seek clarification on what this means and how to proceed.


  • Adding mashed potatoes to dough contributes moisture and texture.
  • Mashed potatoes can be boiled and mashed without added seasonings.
  • Leftover bits of mashed potatoes can be frozen for future use.
  • Using potato starch in various forms can achieve the same effect as mashed potatoes.

Uncovering the Secrets of Mashed Potatoes in Desserts

Many users shared insights on why recipes sometimes call for mashed potatoes in pastry or dessert dough. Potato is used to provide moisture and body to the dough, eliminating the need for additional ingredients such as milk, salt, or cheese. Boiled and mashed potatoes without seasoning are typically recommended, ensuring a neutral base that won’t interfere with the final dish.

Alternative Options to Mashed Potatoes

Some users suggested using potato flakes or potato starch as alternatives to traditional mashed potatoes. These options are convenient, cost-effective, and have a longer shelf life. By incorporating potato starch, whether in flake or powder form, the desired texture and consistency can be achieved in the dough.

Culinary Tips and Tricks

One user highlighted the versatile uses of potato water, recommending saving the starchy liquid from boiling potatoes to enhance bread dough. The starchy water can be utilized for proofing yeast and providing a beautiful texture to potato bread. Additionally, instant potato flakes were touted as a time-saving solution for incorporating potato essence without the need for peeling, boiling, and mashing whole potatoes.

Understanding the role of mashed potatoes in dessert recipes sheds light on the culinary creativity and resourcefulness of cooks. By utilizing potatoes in various forms, from traditional mashed potatoes to flakes and starch, bakers can enhance the texture and flavor of their creations. Experimenting with different potato-based ingredients opens up a world of possibilities in the realm of pastry and dessert making.