What to Pair with Liver Instead of Onions? Creative Solutions Inside!

Discover inventive alternatives to cooked onions to enhance your liver dish.

Liver and onions with gravy has historically been one of my favorite foods, but 10 months ago I acquired a very strong aversion to cooked onions unless they’re hidden in a curry or stew and cooked to the point of falling apart and losing flavor. I still love beef liver but it feels incomplete alone, what would you pair it with instead?


  • Experiment with caramelized onions for a different flavor profile
  • Consider trying liver and mushrooms with a touch of garlic
  • Bacon can be a savory addition to your liver dish
  • Explore traditional pairings like apple rings or apple sauce


Just caramelize the onions way on down to darker golden brown like you would for French onion soup. This is how it should be done anyway in my opinion, and there is a good chance you can enjoy onions that way. You could even make a mock demi by reducing unsalted beef broth.


Try liver and mushrooms. Add some garlic if you like garlic.




Roasted garlic mashed potatoes?

In Germany we do either baked apple rings or apple sauce with liver.. very traditional.