What to Do with Too Many Baguettes: A Bread Dilemma

Struggling with an overload of baguettes? Discover creative solutions to make the most of your surplus bread.

I’ve recently befriended the owners of a Greek deli, who insist on gifting me daily baguettes. It’s a carb overload!


  • Turning surplus baguettes into delicious meals
  • Community suggestions for dealing with excess bread
  • Exploring unique recipes beyond the usual options

Baguette Overload

Imagine receiving daily baguettes from a deli, leading to a plethora of bread at home. What would you do?

Creative Solutions

Reddit users suggest freezing sliced portions, making bread soup, or even indulging in French toast with surplus baguettes. These inventive ideas offer a fresh take on bread consumption.

Community Humor

Amidst the surplus baguette problem, users share witty comments, embracing the humor in dealing with an abundance of bread. From becoming ‘Baguette Boy’ to dreaming of having this delightful ‘problem,’ the community adds a light-hearted touch to the discussion.

Endless Possibilities

Whether it’s crafting homemade breadcrumbs, preparing savory strata, or even making a flavorful panzanella salad, the options for utilizing excess baguettes are limitless. Embrace the challenge and explore new culinary horizons with surplus bread!