What to Do with Egg Yolks When Cooking with Egg Whites

Discover creative ways to use leftover egg yolks when cooking with just egg whites for dieting.

Have you ever wondered what to do with the egg yolks when cooking with just egg whites for dieting? Read on to find out how others handle this dilemma!


  • Maximize egg use with friends
  • Alternative recipes for yolks
  • Baking & cooking uses
  • Health considerations
  • Are you curious how others handle the leftover egg yolks when opting for just egg whites? Many suggest swapping with friends or using them in baking!

    Practical Solutions

    Some buy cartons of egg whites for convenience, while others trade with friends for baking or cooking needs. One user even feeds them to their pets!

    Creative Uses

    Explore alternative recipes like carbonara or cured egg yolks for a unique twist. Additionally, consider freezing them or using them in duchess potatoes for added richness.

    Health Considerations

    It’s essential to balance diet needs and nutrition by incorporating yolks for vitamins and protein. Get creative with your recipes and make the most of all parts of the egg for a well-rounded diet.