What to Do with an Ungodly Amount of Cabbage? Recipes Galore!

St. Paddy’s Day parade left me with a mountain of cabbage. Now what?

St. Paddy’s Day parade resulted in a huge cabbage haul for a Reddit user. What to do with it all?


  • Recipe suggestions pour in from Reddit users for creative cabbage dishes
  • From kimchi to cabbage rolls, users share diverse ways to utilize cabbage
  • Tips on storing and preserving cabbage efficiently
  • Community praises the fun St. Paddy’s Day parade with vegetable-themed floats

Get Cooking with Cabbage

The Reddit post by user ‘your_moms_apron’ describes a surplus of cabbage obtained from a St. Paddy’s Day parade’s generous vegetable floats. Unsure of what to do with the excess cabbage, the user turns to the community for recipe ideas and suggestions

Creative Cabbage Recipes

Reddit users suggest a variety of creative recipes such as kimchi, cabbage steaks, and caramelized cabbage and onion pasta

Preserving and Storing Tips

Advice on efficiently storing cabbage for later use, including freezing cabbage leaves for dishes like cabbage rolls

Community Spirit

Users express admiration for the vegetable-themed floats at the parade, adding a touch of fun and uniqueness to the event

Recipe ideas overflow as Reddit users come together to tackle the cabbage surplus challenge with creativity and culinary expertise