What to Do When You Mess Up Making Orange Juice: Tips and Tricks

Find out how to salvage your bitter orange juice disaster with these creative suggestions!

When making orange juice for the first time, a Reddit user kept the peel on resulting in a bitter outcome. Seeking help, the user asked for ideas on what to do with the juice.


  • Seeking advice on salvaging bitter orange juice.
  • Reddit users suggest various creative solutions like making orange muffins, sorbet, or even adding it to cocktails.
  • Some recommend using the juice in salad dressings, cakes, or even dried peels for hot baths.

Tips for Transforming Bitter Orange Juice

Reddit users came to the rescue with innovative ways to salvage the bitter orange juice disaster. One user suggested making orange muffins by blending the orange whole and freezing the ones you don’t immediately want. Another user recommended using sugar to counter the bitterness, suggesting options like making sorbet, fruit bars, or ice cubes for smoothies.

Cocktail Hour

For those looking to mix it up, one user humorously suggested trying the bitter juice with vodka. This playful take on mixing drinks adds a fun twist to the situation and showcases the community’s lighthearted approach to problem-solving.

Creative Culinary Uses

From salad dressings to cakes, Reddit users provided a plethora of ideas for incorporating the bitter orange juice into culinary creations. Suggestions ranged from using it in marinades, salad dressings, alcohol, or orangeade to even making face masks or bath oils. The diverse range of ideas showcases the community’s resourcefulness and willingness to experiment.

The collective creativity and humor displayed in the subreddit’s responses not only offer solutions to a kitchen mishap but also showcase the supportive and collaborative nature of the online food community. By coming together to share ideas and suggestions, users transform a potential disaster into an opportunity for culinary exploration and innovation.