What Makes a Curry a Curry? The Spicy Truth Unveiled

Have you ever wondered why curry isn’t considered a soup or stew? Let’s uncover the flavorful secrets!

Curry, a popular dish that sparks debates and curious minds worldwide, has left many wondering – what exactly makes a curry a curry? From its rich history to the blend of spices, let’s dive into the spicy world of curry.


  • A curry’s essence lies in its blend of spices, distinguishing it from ordinary stews.
  • Curry’s roots in Indian cuisine showcase the importance of aromatic spices like cinnamon and cardamom.
  • The term “curry” might have lost some of its original meaning in Western cultures, evolving into a catch-all phrase for spicy dishes.

The Spices of Debate

One Reddit user pointed out, “He who controls the spices, controls the curry,” highlighting the significance of spice blends in defining a curry. Whether it’s the earthy notes of cumin or the fiery kick of pepper, spices are the soul of a flavorful curry.

A Culinary Linguistic Journey

The etymology of the word “curry” adds another layer to the debate. Some argue that the term’s origins in Tamil cuisine as “kari” reflect its saucy nature, while others emphasize its global evolution into a broad culinary category.

From Stews to Sauces

While some see curry as a type of stew, others draw parallels between the complex flavors of curry and the diverse range of dishes it encompasses. This diversity, from vindaloo to green curry, showcases the versatile nature of curry as a culinary masterpiece.