What Happens When You Forget to Boil Kidney Beans for Chili? Reddit Users Weigh In

One Reddit user’s chili crisis leaves others chiming in on whether it’s still safe to eat.

A Reddit user turned to the community after realizing they forgot to boil kidney beans before adding them to chili. The beans had been slow cooking for 6 hours before the mistake was noticed. Concerned about safety and taste, the user sought advice on whether the chili was salvageable.


  • Forgetting to boil kidney beans may affect cooking time and taste, but safety concerns can be addressed.
  • Community members suggest methods to ensure the beans are fully cooked and safe to eat.
  • Adding additional liquids or simmering the chili further are potential solutions to salvage the dish.

Community Insights

One user reassured the original poster, highlighting that the beans should be safe to eat after being boiled during cooking. Addressing the user’s concern about safety, they emphasized that the issue was more about cooking efficiency.

Another user pointed out that if the beans had softened during cooking, any potential issues with lectins would likely have been resolved. They commended the decision to boil the chili afterward as a precautionary step.

While safety concerns were alleviated, a user cautioned that the beans might take longer to cook due to the acidity of the chili. They recommended patience in ensuring the beans were fully softened before consumption.

Suggestions varied from adding beef broth or stock to aid in the cooking process to simmering the chili longer to help the beans reach the desired texture. The consensus was that while the dish may require additional cooking time, it should still be safe to eat once the beans are properly cooked.