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What Blender does Starbucks Use? [Answered]




When customers go on a hunt for blenders, they often ask for the type that Starbucks uses. They believe that the type that the coffee company uses is one of the best brands that they should also be using.

In short, Starbucks uses a blender called Vitamix although Starbucks used Blendtec for a while before shifting to Vitamix and settled due to the Amazing Features Vitamix Brings to the Table.

If you can relate, then we can help you find answers to your question. For a long time, Starbucks has been using the Blendtec blender due to its high performance.

The coffee company however discovered a much better brand known as Vitamix.

They, therefore, switched to this blender since it was designed to fulfill Starbuck’s needs. If you go to different Starbucks branches around the globe, you will realize that Vitamix is the standard blender that they use.

They also call it; the quiet blender models; Vitamix was made with high-end bars and coffeehouses in mind. Though it is meant for commercial use, some people use it at home. If you want a high performing blender, you should choose this brand.

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What are the features of Vitamix?

According to reports, Vitamix is one of the most silent blenders available at the market. It is equipped with a sound reduction system that allows you to blend beverages without making unnecessary noise.

Starbucks also chooses this brand due to its incredible beverage blending capabilities. It delivers exceptional speed and eliminates the need to reblend a drink.

The manufacturer makes use of vibration dampening technology in the making of Vitamix. It is therefore 18 decibels quieter compared to other blenders available.

You can, therefore, use it in a restaurant or bar full of customers without creating an unconducive environment for your customers. It also comes with an impressive design that makes it appear classy.

Since Vitamix does not include numerous screws in its making, you can disassemble and clean it with ease. Its double sealing bearing also enhances washability.

You also get variable speed control which enables you to regulate the machine accordingly. Anyone can use it without experiencing any difficulty since it is easy to adjust.

The automatic shut off system gives you enhanced flexibility so that you can enjoy creating many recipes smoothly. It also contains six programmable buttons and a powerful motor that can help you make green smoothies.

If you have experience with blenders, then you know that only the ones equipped with powerful motors can produce smooth juice from things like carrots and chia seeds.

Choosing Vitamix can help you unlock the nutrients in different vegetables and fruits. You can make juices with high consistency by choosing this powerful blender.

You can also use it to make gravies, frozen drinks, spreads, nut butter and even grind coffee beans if necessary. It comes in an air management design that minimizes downtime.

Using this blender helps you save time since it blends fast and also saves you money due to the long-lasting blade life.

Vitamix also features a superior keypad sealing that makes it more reliable. Vitamix comes with a 48 oz container that has accurate measurement rankings.

This simplifies the process of measuring out different recipes. Its pitcher-like design also facilitates efficient pouring. Your purchase includes a warranty that you can use to replace any faulty parts.

The merits of Vitamix

  • It is easy to use and wash
  • The blender is quiet
  • Comes in an elegant design
  • It contains an automatic setting


  • It is expensive

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Though Vitamix was designed for Starbucks, you can buy it for your home kitchen or restaurant. It is high quality and versatile blender that can withstand daily use.

Make excellent smoothies with this blender as you maintain a comfortable environment for your visitors, customers, or staff. Though you have to spend more to acquire it, the blender is worth it.

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