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What Blender Does Smoothie King Use (The Brand & Details)

In Short, Smoothie King uses Quiet One blender countertop by Vitamix (Check the current price on Amazon). The clear Tritan BPA advance container with an open lid, removable and stackable, the compact cover comes with six touch control buttons and 34 program options.

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  • Product 1: The Quiet One On-Counter Bar Blender
  • Product 1: 48 oz. polycarbonate container
  • Product 1: 6 program buttons

The Features of the Blender Smoothie King Use

1. It is Less Noisy

This unit is also known as The Quiet One, as the blender produces less noise than your typical array of commercial blenders.

Utilizing vibration dampening technology, the blender comes with a plastic secure sound enclosure that together works as the blending container.

If you’re in search of a blender that will allow you to maintain a comfortable environment for not only your staff but also your customers, this unit is the one!

The Quiet One is trusted by coffee shops world over for its groundbreaking silence, with 93 variable speeds to deliver a soft blend at the low decibel level of a nearby conversation.

Intended for commercial use only, The Quiet One doesn’t only flaunt a magnetically secured sound enclosure but it also has other patented technology to significantly reduce blending noise, thus fostering a soundless, comfortable atmosphere

2.It’s versatile

With six program buttons, 34 optimizations and 93 variable speeds, The Quiet One blender ensure users can swiftly prepare the drink of their choice. This unit is capable of making frappes, smoothies, frozen drinks, gravies, spreads, sauces, nut butter among others

3.It’s easy to use

This particular design by Vitamix is perfect for bars, restaurants, cafes, concession stands, and smoothie operations.

It is equipped with a 48 oz Tritan container that has accurate measurement markings, which makes it easy to measure out recipes.

The container is pitcher- shaped and facilitates the pouring of fluids. The Quiet One On Counter Bar Blender comes with a polycarbonate container with six program buttons that are secured to a back cover, therefore reducing the time it takes to clean.

It is specially designed to create the smoothest frozen beverages while the no-drip spout reduces product waste and eases clean-up.

4. The warranty!

The 3HP motor easily grinds ingredients and blends multiple servings of frozen drinks, Ice, smoothies and frappes with ease and it is also backed by a three-year component warranty with one year of labor.

Container and blade assembly are covered by a one-year warranty each. More information on this will be available with your local dealer or a Vitamix service provider.

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The Pros

  • The blender’s elegance is guaranteed by exceptional design.
  • The ability to discharge its primary function, that is generating the least decibel, is commendable at 21% sound reduction in comparison to regular blenders.
  • The quality of output is excellent every time.
  • It comes with a 3 hp powerful motor.
  • Easy to clean

The Cons

  • It is costly.
  • Short three-year warranty

Final Thoughts on the Blender Smoothie King Uses

Noise is a nuisance. I would even hate to imagine what things could be like without the quality of blenders we see around us now! The growing popularity of blenders brought with it enormous noise but The Quiet One by Vitamix succeeded in changing that narrative with its dampening technology.

It reduces noise pollution in the workplace and allows customers to converse with each other at their natural volumes while allowing staff to take the next order in peace.

Despite the vast number of options for programs, optimizations, and speeds made available, it might take a user some practice to master operating this gadget.

And the three-year-warranty on a device that’s as expensive raises eyebrows but it seems always, in the long run, to have been worth it. I have kept the article of the blender they use at Smoothie King crisp and short, making sure to reveal the quality of the product as closely as possible.

While The Quiet One blender is truly unique in its make, we’ve gone a step further to discuss its limitations but that doesn’t change the fact that this gadget is one fantastic product, which has rightfully raked in the reviews it should have

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