What are these built-in prep containers on this ridiculous cooktop for?

Discover the mystery of odd built-in prep containers in a stainless steel cooktop.

One Reddit user was baffled by the mysterious built-in prep containers on a stainless steel cooktop. Is it for mise en place or just a strange design feature?


  • Users speculate on the purpose of the built-in containers.
  • Some suggest they are for wok cooking.
  • Others find the design impractical for home use.

Suggestions for Use

Some users propose the containers are meant for stir-fry ingredients or utensil storage. A user even humorously suggests they could be used for speakers.

Practicality Concerns

Concerns are raised about the safety and practicality of reaching over burners to access the containers, especially for shorter individuals.

Professional Insight

A user with professional kitchen experience explains the efficiency of having prepared ingredients for rapid stir-fry cooking.