Weekly Culinary Questions: April 01, 2024

Get your culinary questions answered in the weekly thread! From dill with Asian flavors to risotto with minute rice.

This is the weekly thread on r/AskCulinary to discuss all things culinary that don’t fit the usual rules.


  • Exploring the compatibility of dill with Asian flavors.
  • Debating how to salvage a burnt steak.
  • Questioning the practicality of using minute rice for risotto.
  • Seeking a platform for tracking restaurant visits and dishes.

Can dill go with Asian forward flavors?

The debate on whether dill can complement Asian flavors sparks curiosity and experimentation in culinary combinations.

Forgotten to Salt Falafel Mix

An overlooked step in salting a falafel mix leads to a dilemma on how to remedy the situation.

Puff Pastry in Freezer

An accidental freezing of puff pastry raises questions on its usability and proper thawing methods.

Restaurant Tracking Platforms

Searching for a specialized platform for tracking restaurant visits and dish reviews brings about criticisms of existing review sites.

Each culinary query on the thread elicits a range of opinions and suggestions, highlighting the diverse perspectives and experiences within the culinary community.