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Vitamix 5200 vs 7500

The Vitamix 5200 and 7500 are among Vitamix’s top-end products, and having either of them should guarantee you quality performance. That said, choosing between either of the models is a challenging task, and even the highly experienced users tend to get confused.

The confusion stems from the fact that both of these models are identical in numerous aspects. In reality, however, they differ in several aspects, from their motor power to the less important details like the color option.

Fortunately, I will provide you with a head-to-head comparison of both models, and hopefully, by the end of the text, it’ll be easier for you to make a decision on which model to choose.

Chart Comparison Between Vitamix 5200 and 7500

Vitamix Model Vitamix 5200Vitamix 7500
Power2.0 Hp2.2 Hp
Pitcher64 ounces64 ounces
Blade width3”3”
Cord Length6’6’
ControlsVariable speedVariable speed
Price $$
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Comparing Vitamix 5200 and Vitamix 7500


A striking difference between the two models is the power output. Vitamix 5200 packs 2.0 hp, which is sufficient to chop through the blend components.

The 7500, on the other hand, has a higher output of 2.2 hp. Now, while the 0.2 difference might seem negligible on paper, it’s a 10% difference in power output.

While it’s not such a huge difference regarding performance, the 7500 will make it easier for you to chop through the tough mixtures such as butter and hummus.

Away from a higher peak output, the 7500 has another benefit, and that is the integration of a cooling fan. While its not a necessity, its quite handy for those who blend for an extended period because the blenders tend to heat up.

The cooling fans on the 7500 remove the heat from the motor, allowing it to run without the risk of overheating.

Verdict: The 7500 wins because of the power output and the fan assisted cooling.


The 5200 has a tall, slender pitcher that comes with a height dimension of 20.5 inches tall. Contrastingly, the 7500 model, typical of the G-Series models, features a wider and shorter stout pitcher that stands 17.25 inches tall.

Despite the disparity in height, the difference is superficial, regarding the volume or rather capacity, because both of these models have a similar capacity of 64 ounces.

This makes both the models ideal for preparing large batches for the entire family. Still, the height difference plays a crucial role in the ease of use because with 5200, for instance, storage is the biggest issue. Unless you’ve really long cabinets, the storage might prove quite a challenge with the longer 5200.

Verdict: The 7500 is the winner, not because of the volume of the pitcher, but rather the compact nature, and ease of storage.


The blades on the 7500 and 5200 are identical in the material construction and design. Both are designed from stainless steel for durability.

Like all the Vitamix blades, they’re dull to the touch, but don’t let that fool you because they leverage on the powerful motor to blend.

A major difference lies in size; the 5200 has 3-inch wide blades, while the 7500 has 4-inch blades. Either way, the difference in the width of the blade doesn’t make a huge difference in the performance and operation.

verdict: both products are equal when it comes to blades

Noise Level

Noise on blenders has always been a sore spot for me, and I assume it’s the same with many of you. That said, between the two, which one is less noisy?

The 7500, like any other G-Series model, is integrated with a noise-dampening feature at the base station and motor housing.

According to the manufacturer, this model delivers up to 40% lesser noise than the typical blender, and so yes, it’s less noisy than the 5200.

Despite the noise dampening feature, it’s still a noisy machine, and when in use, it’s not possible to catch your favorite TV show.

Nonetheless, the quieter, the better, and I can say that the reduction in the noise between these two models is audibly noticeable.

verdict: The 7500 wins, and though not as quiet as we would have expected, the attempt to dampen the noise is still a win.


The control functions, including the control knobs and toggle, are identical, and in fact, there's little difference, if any.

However, for the keen eyes, the 5200 lacks a pulse function, which I find handy in making the thick consistencies and puree.

The only way to replicate the pulse function on the 5200 is to flick the on and off toggle repeatedly, which can a pain, at the least, especially if you need to use the pulse function repeatedly.

Again, the 7500 wins, because the 7500 is quite a handy option as opposed t the high speed, which you can simply do with a dial anyway.


Like all the Vitamix Blenders, both of these models feature a ‘self-cleaning” function, which makes the cleaning process a lot easier and convenient.

Still, the self-cleaning function is not sufficient to deliver a thorough clean; don't expect to find the blender sparkling clean after the rinse.

As good as the feature is, you still need to scrub your blender with soap, water, and a sponge. This will help to remove the gunk that builds up in the blades that the self-clean cannot remove.

However, the scrubbing should only be done occasionally and not daily or after every use.


As far as cost is concerned, the 7500, which is a newer model, costs more than the 5200. However, the price difference is not quite substantial, especially comparing to what you get on the 7500.

Conclusion on Vitamix 7500 vs 5200

The Vitamix 7500 seems to have the upper hand on all the aspects, including performance, noise level, ease of use, and storage. So, yes, I consider the Vitamix 7500 a more superior model than the vitamix 5200. However, the difference in performance is not astronomical, but it rather wins by a hair.

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