Unexpected Garden Visitor: Possum in Basil Plant

Discovering a cute possum in the basil plant creates mixed reactions among gardeners.

When South-Ad-5301 stumbled upon an unexpected visitor in their basil plant, the garden suddenly became a hub for not just herbs but also delightful surprises. The post showcased a possum nestled comfortably amidst the green foliage, prompting a range of responses from the gardening community.


  • Gardeners were amused by the possum’s stealth and playful antics.
  • The community appreciated the possum’s pest control capabilities.
  • Many shared endearing stories of possum encounters in their own gardens.

Possum Playfulness

Comments like “They can’t see me” followed by a nose drip humorously captured the possum’s attempt at camouflage, eliciting chuckles from fellow gardeners. The possum’s presence added a touch of whimsy to the gardening experience, serving as a reminder of nature’s unexpected charms.

Pest Control Partner

While some saw the possum as a mere visitor, others recognized its role in natural pest control. One user mentioned, “Harmless plus they eat ticks!” highlighting the possum’s beneficial impact on the garden ecosystem. The possum’s contribution to bug reduction was met with gratitude and admiration from the community.

Heartwarming Encounters

Stories of personal possum interactions abounded, with users sharing anecdotes of bonding moments with these furry creatures. From compost bin residents to pesto-shopping companions, possums were celebrated for their quirks and helpful nature. The shared experiences painted possums in a positive light, fostering a sense of kinship among gardeners.