Top High-Salt Meals and Snacks for POTS Patients

Discover delicious high-salt snacks and meals perfect for POTS patients requiring additional sodium intake.

Looking for high-salt meals and snacks that are perfect for POTS patients? Check out these top recommendations from Reddit users who share your salty cravings!


  • Discover savory options like beef jerky and bacon for your high-salt needs.
  • Explore unique recommendations like miso soup, olives, and capers to satisfy your sodium cravings.
  • Learn about convenient choices such as canned fish, pork rinds, and salty snacks to help elevate your salt intake.

Beef Jerky and Pickle Brine

One Reddit user recommended beef jerky as a delicious high-salt snack, while another suggested drinking pickle brine for additional sodium.

Bacon, Olives, and Capers

Indulge in the savory goodness of bacon, olives, and capers, perfect for satisfying your salt requirements and adding flavor to your meals.

Canned Fish and Salty Snacks

Explore the convenience of canned fish and salty snacks like ramen noodles and chips for quick and tasty high-salt options

Final Thoughts

Embrace the salty kingdom with these delicious high-salt meals and snacks tailored for POTS patients. From savory meats to flavorful condiments, there’s a wide range of options to elevate your sodium intake and savor the taste of salt