Thickening the Skin on Chocolate Pudding: Tips and Tricks

Learn how to achieve that thick, coveted skin on chocolate pudding your family loves!

Crystal_Doorknob is on a quest to replicate her mother-in-law’s chocolate pudding, but with a thicker skin on top for her husband and sibling.


  • Experiment with whole milk, longer cooking time, and lower cooking temperature.
  • Consider using arrowroot or mochiko to increase thickness.
  • Try adding wheat flour for a thicker consistency.

Thick Skin, Thumbs Up

The idea of pudding skin might sound strange to some, but for many, it’s a cherished part of the dessert. Crystal_Doorknob is determined to master this nostalgic recipe, even if it means multiple trials and errors. The community jumps in with various tips and tricks, from leaving the pudding uncovered in the fridge to experimenting with different starches and flours.

Skin vs. No Skin

Some users, like librarianjenn, are horrified at the thought of pudding skin, while others, like Icy_Jackfruit9240, see it as a delightful texture worth perfecting. The debate between thick skin enthusiasts and skin haters adds a layer of humor to the discussion. Even George Costanza’s pudding adventures make an appearance, bringing a touch of sitcom nostalgia to the mix.

Thickening Techniques

From using cornstarch and full milk to exploring recipes from old cookbooks, the suggestions flow in for Crystal_Doorknob. Each recommendation carries the promise of a thicker, creamier skin that will transport her husband and sibling back to the taste of their childhood. Collaborative experimentation and shared experiences make this culinary journey a sweet and sticky one.